February 29, 2016

Zoeva - Rose Golden Vol 3 Collection

It's a big day in Zoeva history today: Zoeva released it's first ever highlighter in a brand-new blush palette and a fully rose golden brush set today. Do you need to go get your creditcard? Let's see!

We all know the stunning Vol. 1 and Vol.2 rose golden Zoeva brush sets, and I didn't think they could create a new rose golden brush set that would still look classy. I had colorful handles in mind, but luckily that is not the case. The Rose Golden Vol. 3 brush set has top to toe rose golden brushes, and it's gorgeous. 

The brush set looks elegant, has the grandeur of gold with the playfulness of delicate rose shades. Pure elegance. The set contains 8 handcrafted brushes, both natural and synthetic hair. The set comes with the Zoeva brush clutch as we know it, in an anthracite color.

I actually already have reviewed these brushes, so I'll link to the reviews for a closer look at them:

103 Defined Buffer: Apply and blend foundation (closer look here)
109 Face Paint Vegan: Contour and shape with liquid and cream products (closer look here)
114 Luxe Face Focus: Apply highlighter and powder (closer look here)
129 Luxe Fan: Apply highlighter and erase fall out (closer look here)
142 Concealer Buffer: Apply and blend concealer and corrector (closer look here)

228 Luxe Crease: Blend transitions to a seemless finish (closer look here)
234 Luxe Smoky Shader: Apply and blend eyeshadow for a smoky finish (closer look here)
317 Wing Liner: Apply eyeliner with the perfect flick (closer look here)

Zoeva palettes always make me happy, and this one did too. Say hello to Zoeva's first highlighter! The Zoeva Rose Golden Blush palette has a velvety blush (pearl), a highlighter (satin) and a contouring shade/bronzer (matte).

Palace Door: The blush is a rose-toned satin blush that adds freshness and color to the cheeks. (It actually looks like a more pigmented and colored -better?- version of Hush from the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani blush palette I showed you yesterday.) It's exactly a shade that I like. It also resembles Benefit Coralista, but again much more pigmented and special.

Glowing Still: The luminizer brightens the face immediately, it's a very light highlighter but with a gold tone in it. In the right light it looks completely gold. A very special one, and I do have some experience with highlighters as you know!

Heavy Crown: The contouring powder is quite universal, it's a light ashy-brown color. This one is a bit less pigmented and has less color payoff. In the pan it looks exactly like my favorite contour powder 'Fawn' from the ABH palette, but when swatched Fawn appeared much, much browner and warmer. Hello new favorite contouring powder!

Zoeva - Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set Vol. 3 (€90)
Zoeva - Rose Golden Blush Palette (€14,80)

The rose golden set is gorgeous, but a bit more pricy than I would have thought. This one is for all the girls who not only want quality brushes, but want to pay a bit more for the packaging. It's called the luxurious edit, and it is.

The blush palette didn't just go into the blush drawer, nope, it went into my top drawer, the everyday drawer. That says enough doesn't it? The palette is worth it - amazing blush, pretty light highlighter and the ashiest contouring powder I have. And the price is a dream.

What do you think about these new products?

Love, Rani


  1. The brushes are so beautiful! Zoeva always has such pretty products, but these are really amazing and so luxurious!

  2. Wow die highlighter palette is zo verschrikkelijk mooi. Wat een musthave.

    x Karen

  3. Wauw, dat palette ziet er echt goed uit!


  4. Zoeva blijft verrassen! Beiden erg mooi!


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