March 13, 2018

Lancôme - French Temptation

When this über gorgeous collection found its way to me, I just needed to blog about it. There was a little radio silence on here (okay, quite some radio silence) because of my online store which sucks up all my time and energy. I had no time for blogging, but thanks to this collection right here, I will try to regularly update you again on all things pretty. It won't be daily as it used to be, but I'll try to weekly schedule in a post or two for the time being. When I've found my rhythm back in blogging, we can crank up those posts a week.

But let's get to this yummy collection called French temptation (whispering voice: temptation)!

Macaron Blush & Blender

We're just going to start with the indulgence of the collection: the stunning boxes of macaron blushes and blenders. This collection is based on the French pastry shops we all know too well. Thé Parisian treat is the macaron of course. There are 2 colors of blushes (a pink -healthy natural glow- one and a coral shade) and 2 colors of blenders (pink and mint) - you can get them separately in the small box or get them all together in the bigger box. 

The blushes have a very pleasant texture and have a high color pay off - I expected this from this formula and it did not disappoint. Apply a little on the blender to really blend the color in, only use a little because pigmented formulas like these can quickly become too much. The blenders are also the right material: not too soft (not as soft as a Beautyblender), perfect to blend in the blushes.

Eye Sugar Palette

I love Lancôme eyeshadows because they work so well on the eye lids, they seamlessly blend together and I love how they're not afraid to work with metallic colors. The Eye Sugar Palette is a simply beautiful palette. It's cardboard with a mirror inside and 10 poppy pastels. It also comes with a little dual sided brush with stronger bristles that pick up the eyeshadow easily.

Row 1 is absolutely fabulous. 5 very pigmented shades, some with a gorgeous iridescent shine. I held my heart when swatching shade 3 because it looked chalky, but it's not chalky at all. Row 1 passed the test.

Row 2 has 4 matte colors, which feel a bit chalky and they aren't as pigmented as the shades above. A good primer is a must here, as they tend to fade easily when blended out. The 10th shade however is a really pretty one, I use it as an eyeshadow topper which transforms every plain eyeshadow to a galaxy feast. 

Ombre Hypnôse Mini Chubby

Completely in line with the pastel theme are the cute mini chubby sticks. Which are creamy eyeshadow sticks that are available in 4 different shades, 3 of them I swatched above and the fourth mini is a pastel mint colored hue. You can't really layer them on thick, this is a formula you need to blend out, but they're so easy to blend! Are these shades wearable? I think you can definitely wear these in daily life, just do an everyday eyelook and add a pop of color in your inner corner, or line your lower lashes with a subtle line of yellow. Spring ready!

L'Absolu Rouge & Jelly Flower Lip Tint

Now onto the lip products - L'Absolu Rouge for lipsticks: creamy and comfortable formula, dries demi matte yet feels so light and not drying at all. The shades I have are super happy vibrant tones, a zesty mandarine and a pink, hot pink one. The lipsticks open with a fun mechanism by the way, you have to push the top of the lipstick and the bottom then pops out, which you have to pull out.

Guys, this lip tint?! If I ever would have to create the fanciest lip tint of my dreams, it would look like this. Inside the transparent tube are REAL rose petals. ACTUAL ROSE PETALS. INSIDE A LIP GLOSS. This is pure decadency, and I'm all for it. The texture of the lip tint is gelly like which leaves a subtle pink hint on the lips and a glazed candy like effect. It doesn't dry, so I would recommend not using too much, a little which you tap out with your fingers gives a healthy pink glow to the lips.

Le Vernis

I'm really loving the nail polishes of this collection! Often the nail polishes (if there even are several) are just 2 shades that match the collection and voila. But these nail polishes you actually want to run to the store for! There are 3 shades (purple, blue and pink) and one amazing topper. That beautiful topper you see on the photos above is called Sugar Frost and it covers your nails in little white flocks of sugar dust. I felt so Katy Perry in California Gurls when swatching these, those cute pastels and the top coat - definitely not a filler product of the collection! They also cover really well in 2 layers, which is not so evident for light pastel colors. The topper also divides the flocks well and dries really fast (which I love).

Lancôme - Les Toppings Palette (€65)
Lancôme - Jelly Rose Tint (€30)
Lancôme - Le Petit Teint Macaron (€45,90)
Lancôme - Le Teint Macaron (€65)
Lancôme - Le Vernis (€20,53)
Lancôme - Ombre Hypnôse Style - Le petit Chubby (€25)
Lancôme - Absolu Rouge (€35,50)

The products are now available, and in Belgium it's exclusively available at Galeria Inno.

What a fun and fresh collection! It stands out, and all products match perfectly together. Candy shades on the eyes, nails with sugar dust, jelly on the lips, the whole collection is so well thought out and the packaging is completely on point. A collection that needs to be collected!

What's your favorite temptation of the Lancôme French Temptations?

Love, Rani


  1. Waauw wat een zalig mooie collectie!

  2. This is a really fun and colorful collection, the Eye Sugar Palette looks great! It has such beautiful colors!

  3. Nice idea but you can use diy Macron Boxes to make more beautiful packaging for your product


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