January 10, 2015


New year, new brushes. That's what Zoeva thought. 
There are 8 new brushes in their (already big) collection.
And I'm happy to introduce them to you!

I already did a post about the vegan brushes set (click here). So you know Zoeva by now, and you know how fond I am of them and their brushes.

The brushes are wrapped in plastic, so nothing can harm them while traveling to your door. Like all the other brushes they have a name and number. 

The first one is a tinywiny brush: the 310 / Spot liner. It's what they call 'the smallest brush ever'. And it is, look at that!

More about this brush:

 Minute detailed eyeliner brush made of vegan taklon bristles.
 Draw lines along your lash line for instant visual volume.
 AKA the smallest brush ever.

More about this brush:
  •  Luxurious, flat highlighter brush made of natural-synthetic hair mix.
  •  For the selective application of highlighter and powder.
  •  Illuminate your face.

220 / Luxe grand shader

More about this brush:
  •  Epic luxurious shader brush made of natural-synthetic hair mix.
  •  Apply eyeshadow from lash to brow in a second.

112 / Face curve

More about this brush:

A classic, flat foundation brush with vegan taklon hair.
For the professional, seamless application of foundation.
Reach every area of your face.

More about this brush:
  •  Luxurious fan brush made of natural-synthetic hair mix.
  •  Apply any powder formula and erase fall out.

107 / Powder polish 
This one is my favorite because I use brushes like this one everyday to put on my (pressed) foundation. It's big, not too soft, and just perfect.

More about this brush:
  •  Large powder foundation brush with soft vegan taklon hair.
  •  For the seamless application of loose and pressed foundation.
  •  Polished finish in a flash.

109 / Face paint vegan

More about this brush:
  •  Flat, squared contour brush with vegan taklon hair.
  •  Contour and shape your face with all liquid and cream contour products.
  •  Subtle definition.

This one will also be a new one in my daily make-up routine. It's perfect for applying a highlighter!

More about this brush:
  •  Brow bone highlighter brush made of natural-synthetic hair mix.
  •  Enhance your brow contours with all powder highlighters.
  •  Lift up your whole brow.

Some details of the brushes.

I think Zoeva did a pretty good job with the new brushes, I will definitely use them a lot. 
My favorites are the powder polish and the luxe brow light, because those two are for my daily routine.

What do you think about the new brushes? Which one if your favorite?

Love, Rani


  1. Wauw ! De kwasten zien er mooi uit!

  2. You told me that you were looking for a new powder brush,so i'm happy that you found one! The brushes look really good!

  3. that fan brush, never seen anything like that!

    x Lily

  4. Great Photos! I really have to try some of those Zoeva Brushes, have heard nothing but great things about them!


  5. I was just wondering, on the website it says the contour brush is for liquid/cream contour, but does it work well for powders as well? If you can get back to me please tweet @jasmineacs as Blogger never tells me about notifications :( thank you! xx

    Magpie Jasmine || Palette Giveaway: Urban Decay, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Too Faced

  6. Ooh die brush holder! Wanna have!! <3

  7. omg love that there are new brushes! and they look great!

  8. That brow brush seems so good, orderingggg! :D

  9. Wauw, wauw, wauw! Eyecandy! Wat een mooie kwasten! En prachtige foto's! Welke lens gebruik jij?


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