March 11, 2015


Big. Fat. Party.
Zoeva has a new brush set - yay! This time it's a new edition of the bamboo brushes.
And they are better looking than ever, definitely my favorite brush set so far!

Zoeva always has the prettiest gift wrapping. I didn't showed you the gift wrapping from the rose golden palette, but that one was just as pretty as this one (but in a copper color).
It's so nice coming home to packages like this!

And that fortune cookie was the best cookie I ever ate, hands down. 

The brushes came in this pretty paper box. 
On the backside it says:

This is our new Bamboo set. It includes beautiful and eco-friendly brushes for face and eye makeup. They are made of three renewable materials: soft vegan bristles, golden colored aluminium ferrules and bamboo wood handles. We brought these carefully selected and hand-crafted materials to life, as we want to make your makeup application easy, flawless and quick.
We hope that you will appreciate the beauty of nature as much as we do.

Well, this is something I couldn't agree more on. Bamboo grows and spreads very quickly, it releases a lot more oxygen than other groves,... In short: bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials, so I'm a big fan! This set is also completely vegan.

Let me introduce you to the brushes in this set: 109 / Face Paint, 317 / Wing Liner, 103 / Defined buffer, 142 / Concealer buffer, 128 / Cream Cheek, 227 / Soft definer, 105 / Highlight and 232 / Classic shader.

But first, look at how pretty these brushes are. They have the bamboo set logo, and "Bamboo" engraved in the gold aluminium, and that wooden handle is just so beautiful. They are crafted and refined by hand, which makes every brush a naturally beautiful piece of art. I really am in love. 

109 / Face Paint

  • Luxurious contour brush made of finest vegan hair
  •  Works best with all pressed and loose powder products

317 / Wing Liner

  • Angled, extra fine eyeliner brush

103 / Defined buffer


 Vegan foundation brush with a small, angled head
 For detailed application and blending

128 / Cream Cheek

  • Super soft blush brush with vegan bristles
  • Apply cream and powder blush

142 / Concealer buffer

  • Innovative Concealer Buffer brush
  • Apply and blend concealer and corrector
  • Cloudy soft and caring for the sensitive eye area

227 / Soft definer

  • Eyeshadow brush for perfectly blended eyeshadow
  • For smooth transitions and a softly seductive eye makeup

105 / Highlight

  •  Luxurious highlighter brush made of natural-synthetic hair mix
  •  The tapered shape is perfect for highlighting and contouring

232 / Classic shader

  • Medium sized eyeshadow brush
  • Apply and shade eyeshadow evenly from lash to crease

There are a lot of my favorite brushes in this set, but my absolute favorite one is the highlighter. I didn't have one, and I'm definitely going to use that one a lot.
The set has eye-brushes and face-brushes, it's a set every girl can use, beginner or pro. 

But what's in the golden wrapping?

The new Zoeva bamboo clutch! 
When my mom saw this one, she said that it was pretty enough to use it as an actual clutch instead of a make-up bag. And she is right, I love that color!

"Be imperfectly perfect today"

You can buy the set at the Zoeva website , it's available from March 30, 2015. 
I'm just crazy about it, I've been looking at the brushes the whole day now, they are so good and so, so pretty.

What do you think about this new set?

Love, Rani


  1. yes yes yes, buying this!!!!

  2. They look so lovely, loved your review.


  3. love the post you've made, the pictures are amazing, and the brush set looks amazing too!

  4. Aaaaah, supermooie post en set, ik wil hem zoo graag...
    Ik kijk al naar de releasedatum uit...

    x Bo

  5. Prachtige brushes! Prachtige clutch!

  6. Oh wow deze zijn zo perfect! I want!

    Liefs Mariska

  7. Wow dit zijn echt de perfecte brushes! Die gaan op de wishlist!

    XO IMKE //

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