October 4, 2015

Zoeva - Rose Golden Eye Set

Zoeva is my favorite brand when it comes to brushes. (Their eyeshadow is amazing too, by the way.) But every time I was doing my make-up I felt like I was missing some brushes, and the complete eye set would be the perfect addition to the sets I already own!

The Rose Golden Complete Eye Set is aesthetically very appealing. Black wood combined with a rose golden accent. It also comes with a very pretty bag, made of faux leather.

There are 12 brushes in this set, 7 bigger ones, 2 medium and 3 small brushes.

Let's take a closer look at every brush!

The first one is the 317 / Wing Liner.

What is it?

An angled, extra fine eyeliner brush

226 / Smudger

  • Eye brush for smoky eyes
  • Blends eyeshadow and kohl for shaded makeup effects
  • For cat eyes

228 / Luxe Crease

  • Eyeshadow brush for soft transitions
  • Blending and shading eye makeup in the crease

142 / Concealer Buffer

  • Apply and blend concealer and corrector
  • Soft and caring for the sensitive eye area

315 / Fine Liner


Very fine eyeliner brush with nylon bristles
Creates the perfect eyelid line with gel eyeliner, cream eyeliner and eyeshadow

234 / Luxe Smoky Shader

  • Eyeshadow brush for smoky effects

231 / Luxe Petit Crease

  • Tapered eyeshadow brush made of natural hair
  • Accentuate and shade the crease

322 / Brow Line

  •  Angled brow brush with vegan taklon bristles
  •  Suitable for all cream and powder eyebrow products
  •  #Nevertrustsomebodywithbadeyebrows

237 / Detail Shader

  • Small and dense eyeshadow brush with natural hair
  • Perfect for detailed work and accentuating the eyes

230 / Luxe Pencil

  • Eyeshadow brush for shading and blending
  • Professional application in the crease and along the lash line

224 Luxe Defined Crease

  •  Blending brush made of finest natural-synthetic hair mix
  •  For a feather-light defined crease
  •  An ultimate finishing tool

227 / Luxe Soft Definer

  •  Eyeshadow brush with an exquisite natural-synthetic hair mix
  •  For smooth transitions 

Zoeva - Rose Golden Complete Eye Set (€65)

My experience with the brushes has been nothing but good. The ones I use in almost every (bit more dramatic) eyelook are: the detail shader, petit crease, luxe pencil, luxe soft definer, smudger and the luxe smoky shader. In every look I use my concealer buffer. I already had one and I use it every time to bake my concealer.

Now that I have this set, I use it every day. The price is also very good. €65 for 12 brushes and a bag. (That's €5, 42 for each brush and the bag for free.) Super cheap, and definitely worth the investment. A big yes to this one if you're looking for a good eye set!

Love, Rani


  1. Zoeva products are always so pretty! These brushes look great! The same goes for the pictures!

  2. the photos are rose gold perfection, and I think I have to get this set, I love it!

  3. gorgeous photos! Love the brushes! they are so pretty! Definitely can create some beautiful looks with them.Wonderful post Rani!!!

  4. Je hebt wederom weer waanzinnig mooie foto's gemaakt! Zelf heb ik de ZOEVA very croc set die erg goed bevalt..

  5. De kwasten van Zoeva lijken me heel erg fijn, ze zien er ook zo mooi uit!

  6. Wauw, hele mooie set! Ik vind deze sets helaas een beetje prijzig... :/


  7. Ooh these are absolutely stunning - I love Zoeva's brushes!



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