October 29, 2015

Benefit - Coralista & Rockateur

Blushes are something that I really need to discover. I only own 5 blushes now, and the one I usually use is actually a bronzer... Oops. Benefit is one of my favorite brands, so why not start there with discovering some new blushes?

I have the Coralista and Rockateur blush. One has a peachy tone and the other is more pink. They both really spoke to me, so here they are, in my stash!

They both have their own little brush. The left, black one is from Rockateur and has an other shape than the Coralista brush. They actually work pretty well, I use these often instead of my regular blush brush. You can work very precisely with them because of the small size. 

The blushes have the same little, boxy packaging. Actually all of the Benefit box o' powders do, a little box with a mirror inside. The Coralista packaging is colorful and cheery. 

"It's your blush for a tropical flush!" or "A RIO pleasure.". Can you guess the theme of this blush? Yep, Rio and all things fun! The packaging fits the theme with the colorful and cheery prints, leopard spots, touches of green, metallic, coral,... It just looks fun!

The powder itself is just one plain color. 

Benefit Rockateur is another of the box o' powder blushes. 

"Pick up the beat with a rush of heat.", this is a powder with a rock vibe. Or as Benefit calls it 'the famously provocative cheek powder'. The box is pretty with the gold snakeskin print and black and pink lace details. Definitely a rock vibe, but more of a cute rock vibe, one that fits a (rebellious) blush.

The powder itself is very pretty. 'Rock' is inscripted and there is a shiny overspray. (The blush itself also has some shimmers.) The diamond-like print on the edges tops it off.

Swatches of the two blushes.

The formula of both blushes is lovely, they feel soft and natural. The pigmentation is also fine, but when you apply it with a brush it has a very subtle effect. Good news is that it's buildable. I prefer to build my blush than have too much in one stroke (yes, I'm talking about you, cream blush). So you can just do a natural glow, or build it for a more intense look. 

Coralista has a subtle, peachy tint. When you apply this one lightly it even can be used to light up your face. It's my favorite blush at the moment! 

Rockateur is pinkish, with a satin shine. I also really like this one, it's a tad (just a tad) more pigmented than Coralista. 

Benefit - Coralista (€ 33,20 - available at Inno)
Benefit - Rockateur (€33,20 - available at Inno)

I think that these are blushes that will fit the majority of skin types. The formula is soft, the blushes are subtle but buildable and the boxes look cute. I like these blushes, and I'm very curious about the other box o' powders, like the famous Hoola Bronzer for example.

What's your favorite blush? Any tips for this blush-beginner?

Love, Rani


  1. The packaging is great, just like every Benefit product. And I think I also like the Coralista a bit more.

  2. I love how the products from Benefit look! This colour is gorgeous!

  3. Hoe mooi zijn deze fotos!
    Rockateur heeft een hele mooie tint!

  4. Super toffe foto's en ze lijken me beiden heel mooi! :)

  5. Mooie foto's! Coralista is al jaren één van mijn favoriete blushes! :-)

  6. Gorgeous pictures Rani!!!! Love it! I like the packaging!!

  7. Ik wil al zoooo lang een benefit blush! Ga ik (alweer) op mn kerstlijstje zetten :D


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