July 6, 2015


My little list of June favorites. 

Only beauty in this little recap. It was a very 'beauty month'. I had exams, and didn't found the time to go shoot some outfits. 

What I did shot was the renewed Diorshow collection. I absolutely love it, but if I have to pick favorites than it would be the brow styler and the palette. The palette won't last very long, because I have used it a lot. I never was an eyeshadow girl, but I discovered a hidden love when trying out this palette. That's the Dior magic.

I also did my first Benefit post, with two of my favorite highlighters: the High Beam and High Brow Glow. I have been using Benefit for a while now, but never got to a blogpost. Now there are a couple online, and there will be more soon. (So stay tuned guys!)

Givenchy had a lovely summer collection, with one thing that really stands out for me: the Mister Radiant. I absolutely love the sun-kissed effect, and how even it applies.

Kenzo also released three new perfumes called Totem. They smell amazing and I get to smell them everyday, because my boyfriend and dad are very, very, very much fan of the scents. (Me too, of course.)

The Turnaround Clinique products are absolutely by far my favorite skincare of the month. I use the mask twice a week and the moisturizer every single day. I love the glow that it gives!
(Excuse the bad lightning on the photo, but you can see all of the Turnaround glory in this post.)

And last, Bobbi Brown. Bobbi Brown was also in my previous monthly recap, and I'm still very impressed. I got to try out a new lipstick and it's love. 

What was your favorite post of these? 

Love, Rani


  1. that bobbi brown lipstick looks divine! such a gorgeous shade x

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  2. Face masks from Clinique are always nice <3

  3. Zalige producten zeg! En weeral prachtige foto's <3
    XO IMKE | Pastellics


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