June 26, 2015


Meet Totem, the brand-new perfumes by Kenzo.

Kenzo released three new eaux de toilettes, under one name: Totem. These three perfumes are a mix of faces, cultures and ideas that represent the values of the Kenzo house. 

Kenzo decided to launch three new perfumes instead of one, to tempt all personalities. There are three different scents, all universal with their own character. 

What I personally think is the greatest thing about the Totem perfumes is that they're unisex.
Nowadays we're mixing up men and women. Never has androgyny been so accepted (hello, Ruby Rose!), so it's a logical step to make the new scents for both men and women. 
Totem mixes styles, like a Kenzo dress can combine a minimal cut with a flower-print. 


I think the packaging just makes perfect sense: the boxes are lined with a tribal, graphic print. They represent the dreamy, tribal feeling and the labyrinth of black and white that gives the energy to these scents. Unisex, vibrant, fresh and playful.

The bottle itself is a totem, designed by the Japanese studio Nendo. This bottle has the philosophy, but looks nothing like the North-American totems we know from the movies. The bottle is rough and fits perfectly in the palm of my hand, like a modern totem. The deep blue glass has sharp lines and soft curves. The bottle is fresh and original.

Woody Citrus. 

Woody Citrus is the yellow perfume, designed by Christophe Raynaud from the Firmenich house. He combined the freshness of pink grapefruit with sweet tealeaves and leathery woods.

This one is the freshest, because of the citrus, but they all have that vibrant, strong scent. I really like that!

Woody Fruity.

Woody Fruity = sensuality. Antoine Lie and Jean Jacques from the house Takasago created a scent that's more fruity than sweet. It contains notes of pineapple, cardamom and a hart of ceder. 

This was love at first sight (smell?) for me, and it's my absolute favorite from all three. I have been wearing this a lot, and when I'm not wearing it my boyfriend or dad is. 

Kenzo - Totem in Woody Fruity (blue - €56,50)
Kenzo - Totem in Woody Citrus (yellow - €56,50)

When I first smelled them I thought they were a bit more masculin than feminin. But perfumes change on your skin. When a man wears it, there is no doubt, he smells like a man. When a woman wears it, she doesn't smell like a man, but the freshness takes over and you recognize it like a feminine scent. The scents are too complex to describe, so you'll have to see (smell) for yourself!

What do you think about unisex perfumes?

Love, Rani


  1. The packaging looks great, definitely one of the coolest i've seen! And I love the fact that it's unisex, so you can share it...

  2. Dit wist ik helemaal niet, wat een leuke parfums, die moet ik eens gaan ruiken in de ipxl!

  3. Deze parfums zou je gewoon al kopen voor de verpakking. Ik denk dat ik voor Woody Fruity zou gaan.

    x Karen

  4. these look so cool, the packaging is incredible!

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  5. Hoe mooi zijn die flesjes! En uw foto's ook weer of course!

  6. Wauw die verpakkingen zijn mega gaaf!

  7. Ik vind de verpakking heel leuk!

  8. I really like the packaging! SO futuristic! Wonderful pictures! :) I want to try the scents. Great post!


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