July 8, 2015


And the first La Mer post is official! I always was very curious about this brand, and today I'm showing you their new 'skintint'.

Spoiler alert: I'm already hooked.

Let's get to know the brand a little better by the packaging.
All of the La Mer products have a similar aesthetic. The packaging is simple and looks rather sophisticated. White, clean, no-nonsense.

But do you know the story behind La Mer?
The founder is Max Huber, an aerospace physicist. After a laboratory accident (he got burned very badly), he began a personal quest to transform the look of his skin. When he was in California, he saw some surfers who wrapped their arms in kelp to block the sun. Not only did it block the sun, their arms were also very soft, and that's when Max Huber began harvesting the kelp for its regenerating abilities. Twelve years and 6000 (!) experiments later, The Miracle Broth was born.

The Miracle Broth is formulated with nutrient-rich sea kelp and other pure ingredients. Thanks to the healing powers of the sea, the skin is able to focus on natural repair and renewal.

About the formula:
Of course, couldn't be missing: Miracle Broth (= hydration, renewal, softening, calming and radiance). There are also marine ferments that help even, smooth and repair the look of lines and wrinkles. What I really like is the high SPF, it has a SPF30! And anti-oxidants help protect from environmental stressors such as pollution that can age the look of the skin. This way it makes the skin more glowing and healthy. 

You should use this over your La Mer moisturizer. I did this, but even if you haven't got the La Mer one, try to apply a moisturizer first. That way you get a more flawless effect.

About the swatches and my experience:
This sounds all so promising, and I wasn't let down. A tinted moisturizer sometimes is a risk, a risk of just not even noticing the tint. But I'm really happy with the result: subtle but definitely covering. And it makes the little flaws disappear in a natural way.

You can see on the (iPhone, sorry for the quality!) photo that it covers pretty good to be 'only' a tinted moisturizer. You can still see my little summer freckles, but it got my skintone evened out and gave a healthy glow. I wore a concealer to cover dark circles, and it wasn't a problem to match it with the skintint. I also used a bit of mattifying powder because I like matte finishes, and this one has a satin, maybe even more dewy finish.

La Mer - The New Reparative Skintint in color Light 02 (€80)

In short, what can you expect from the La Mer Skintint?
A light, natural finish which hides redness and small flaws + a strong SPF.
This one is just perfect, but I do love a good coverage from time to time. And since I absolutely love the skintint, I'm really curious about the La Mer foundation, concealer and powder. The whole 'more coverage' package.

Have you ever tried a La Mer product?

Love, Rani


  1. Like you said, the packaging looks really sophisticated. I really like it! And the skintint looks great on you!

  2. Great photos Rani!!! The skin tint looks great on you very natural. Sounds like a great product. :)

  3. Wow wat een goede dekking! Lamer is natuurlijk wel top.

    x Karen

  4. Ooh, it looks amazing on you!
    La Mer really speaks to me, and this cream looks so good, I need it! ;)


  5. Ik kende het merk eigenlijk nog niet, maar het ziet er echt luxe uit. Mijn mama was toevallig opzoek naar een hele lichte bb-cream, maar alles was te zwaar. Deze ziet er echt perfect uit!

    1. Deze is inderdaad lichter dan sommige bb-creams, meer naturel vooral! :)

  6. Kan je deze ergens gaan testen? Hij lijkt me top!


    1. Ik denk dat als je dat vraagt bij Ici Paris XL, dat ze wel ergens testers moeten hebben.
      Veel succes!

  7. Haha, 'spoiler alert'! Jammer dat die zo prijzig is...


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