June 25, 2015


All specialized Dior products originate backstage. Peter Phillips (a true icon of mine) renewed the Diorshow collection. This collection redefines the eyelook with a combination of femininity and modern style. And I'm showing you all four of the products!

What am I going to show you? 
The Diorshow mascara, an eyeliner, a brow gel and a smoky eyes palette!

Starting with my favorite one: the 5 Couleurs Designer palette. First of all, this palette looks gorgeous, just as we can expect from Dior. I got the 008 Smoky Design and I am absolutely thrilled with it. The colors are beautiful, there is everything you need for a sophisticated smoky look: a base, a dark grey color, a lighter one, some shimmers and to top it off gel liner. 
There also are two little applicators: the well known foam one and a little brush. I have to say that I really like the brushes. I made my eyelid with these two, and they work just fine. (Even for the gel liner.)

Swatchie swatchie!

The colors are as pigmented as you would expect based on the official (gorgeous) backstage looks. I used the different colors to make a slightly darker eyelid that's inspired by those same photos again. (You can see the looks, a video and a lot more here.)

The structure of the eyeshadows is very good, there is also no fallout. I can even honestly say that this palette is in my top three of favorite high-end palettes. The colors are so perfectly coordinated.

I didn't had any high expectations for the gel liner, because when it's in a palette, it's usually not so good. But this one looks pretty. You can build it up to as much as you like. I used a little bit in my look, because I wanted to keep it subtle. (Well subtle for a smoky.)

Diorshow: the star of the Dior mascaras. This is the one that Dior uses the most for the fashion shows. 

The mascara promises custom volume. And it does exactly what it promises: you can build it up layer after layer. I'm wearing the mascara in the photos, and it's just two layers.

I love this brush, it has the softest bristles and I love the size: so big! The brush is inspired by the 'toothbrush' MUAs use for more volume. This brush hasn't changed since it launch in 2002. It's the formula that has been improved, more volume!

The new case also doesn't let too much air in, so the formula doesn't dry out or clumps.

I never leave my house without my wings, and with wings I mean eyeliner.

I always use a liquid liner, but the Diorshow Pro Liner is just as easy because it glides on. (Is it because of the shape? I don't know) When you use the pencil for the first time you might struggle a bit. It's a very special tip, but once you know how to handle it, it's very easy. Hold the tip horizontaly for a fine line and verticaly for a thicker line. 

The best part about this eyeliner is that it's waterproof, and I hardly could get that swatch of my arm, even with make-up remover! Talking about long-lasting...

I tried a few cheaper brow gels, and it never had any effect on my brows. So I gave this one a shot, but had no real hopes. But guys, this one is great. It holds my eyebrows perfectly in place. You have to twist it once to get a little bit of gel. I twisted several times on the photo above, just to show you where the gel comes out. This amount would have been way too much, even for two brows. This styler is going to last a very long time I think, because a little goes a long way here!

The Brow Styler Gel is available in a transparent color (like I have), or in brown and blonde. 

Here is a photo where you can see everything: the liner, my brows with the brow gel, the colors of the palette and the mascara.

5 Couleurs Pro Designer in color 008 Smoky Design (€61,96)
Diorshow Mascara in color 090 Pro Black (€35,26)
Diorshow Pro Long Liner Waterproof in color 092 Pro Black (€28,27)
Diorshow Brow Styler Gel in 001 Transparent (€30,46)

So wow. Yes, I'm really happy with this collection! The brow gel will be used every single day from now on, because I really liked how it lifted my eyebrows. The palette is simply gorgeous, with the perfect colors for a sophisticated smoky eye. The liner is perfect for a night out, because it lasts incredibly long and well and the mascara is just an icon.

What do you think about this collection?

Love, Rani


  1. This collection looks really great! You should wear it more often!

    And your eyes are pretty too, is it hard to do such a look?

    Love your blog so much!

    1. Aw thank you so much Charlotte!
      It's definitely not hard to do such a look, because the colors are so coordinated you don't have to have those mad blending skills haha!
      I'm pretty sure anyone can do this!

  3. Fijn dat de mascara vernieuwd is! Ik heb Dior show jaren gebruikt maar was er een beetje op uit gekeken. Ik denk dat ik hem volgende keer wel terug ga kopen!

    x Karen

  4. wat een leuke post weer, die brow gel lijkt me super

  5. Love the pictures, found you via make-up unwrapped and love your blog.
    Very nice review!

  6. I love that palette! SO pretty! WAterproof eyeliner is amazing! The pictures are gorgeous as always Rani!

  7. amazing stuff and love the photos!

  8. What a gorgeous collection, especially the palette. I love the look you've done with it xx


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