June 1, 2015


I'm introducing a new category: my monthly favorites. This is something that has been requested by some readers. So guys, here it is: a selection of new things I loved this month!


There's not really much fashion in here, just my new ZARA bag and The Fifth watch, which I both wore in my latest outfit


Is this fashion, is this music? I'll just label it as eargear. I got two (actually three, but that one you will see tomorrow) new earphones. Some Frends headphones which are aesthetically amazing, and some Sudio Sweden earplugs that also have a pretty cool design. Sudio Sweden has a minimalist approach, and I absolutely love that about the label. I'm not a superbig fan of earplugs, but I am of Sudio Sweden, so I hope they make some headphones soon! Pretty sure I would love those. 


A lot of make-up I loved this month! Like the Dior Tie Dye collection, which was absolutely stunning. I especially loved the blush, it's definitely one of the most beautiful products I have ever seen. I haven't even used it yet because it's just too pretty to use! I can't wait till the fall collection comes out, and I can explore a whole lot new Dior love. I also discovered Bobbi Brown, and both of the products are among my favorites now. Can't say which one I love more, the mascara or art stick... Since I discovered Bobbi Brown's world, I have a lot of different things on my wishlist! (Shimmer brick, lippies - pencils, art sticks, lipsticks -, and some brushes. And yes, this is just the short version of the list.) I also found two amazing lipsticks from Tom Ford, and these are my absolute favorites this month. Then there was my first Givenchy lipstick, sheer but pigmented. I wore it over a lip pencil and it looked amazing. You can also see my Zoeva palette, definitely something I loved. And last, but definitely not least, I chose my Guerlain bronzer because I love the color and the little shimmers in it. It brings just the right amount of shininess to your face. 


I love my Acqua di Parma Mimosa candle, it's so beautiful. And it has a really special scent. This was my first Acqua di Parma product and I hope there will follow some more, I'm very curious about their perfumes, if I get one I will of course show it to you guys. But I already have my eye on some new candles. They are all so different and special, there even are Murano glass candles. I visited the island of Murano once and literally everything involved glass. It's their specialty and we visited a glassblower who was kind enough to show us how he makes his beautiful glass pieces of art. If you're ever in Venice, definitely stop by!

Oh, and my favorite blogpost this month was 'How I organize my make-up'. It was one of the most viewed posts this month.

So, this was my first monthly favorites post, did you like it? Definitely let me know below! (And what was your favorite?)

Love, Rani


  1. Great idea to do a post about your favorites. The Frends headphones are my favorite of this month, they look so good! And the Tom Ford lipsticks ofcourse!

  2. Heel leuke post, fijn om te lezen!
    Liefde voor de make-up <3 Die Dior, wauw!

    XO Imke // www.pastellics.com

  3. Wonderful picks! Love your pictures, you always take such lovely pictures! :)

  4. Zoals ik vorige week al zei: jouw Zara tas is echt super! Ik heb me naar Ici Paris gehaast voor die Tie dye blush en nu ligt hij al bijna een maand ongebruikt thuis omdat ik nog geen foto's heb kunnen maken *shame on me *

    x Karen


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