June 7, 2015


The new Givenchy Croisière collection is all about that vacation feeling:
1,2,3 and sun!

I'm going to show you 5 of the 7 products from this collection. 

First off is the Poudre Bonne Minne. It's a powder which can be used to achieve a healthy glow, or you can build it up and use it as a bronzer for a neutral-tanned effect. But there even is a third option, you can use it as a blush too. Talking about being versatile!

Second up is the Gloss Interdit. There are 3 new colors in this collection: Secret Nude, Pink Evocation (which I have) and Fancy Pink. The formula looks pigmented on the swatch, but on the lips it's more a 'my lips but better' color. I think it does smell really nice by the way. (And it even tastes good, that's important too for a lip gloss, right?)

swatches givenchy powder bonne minne healthy glow powder ambre croisiere and lipgloss gloss interdit 38 pink evocation

Here you can see the Poudre Bonne Minne, blended in and a full swatch. I like the color, it's a healthy color, not too orange. 

The Mister Radiant Visage is definitely the most special from this collection. It's something that's not ordinary, and I didn't came across anything like this so far. It has a very unique texture with pigments and vitamin pearls that dissolve when you touch them. You can see this very clearly in the swatches below. The pearls dissolve and release beautiful shimmers and bronze and gold colors. When you mix it, it gives a beautiful sun-kissed look. You can build the color up to as much as you want.

givenchy mister radiant swatches

givenchy mister radiant swatches

I think these pictures speak for themselves. The grains dissolve perfectly leaving a beautiful sun-kissed tone. I really love this one. If you are getting anything from this collection, I would definitely recommend Mister Radiant!

What's also new (and limited edition) is the Phenomen'Eyes Waterproof mascara in the color 3 Croisière Lagon. The name says it, it's a watergreen color. And I really think this is nice to wear on vacation. It looks fresh, and maybe a bit edgy. However I think I am actually going to wear this shade a few times this summer!

Le Vernis Givenchy has two new limited edition shades for this collection: a hot-pink one and a turquoise one. I went for pink (named Croisière Sensation) because two weeks ago, I already got a blue one from Guerlain that looks very similar to the Croisière Aquatique. 
I love this. You can just do one coat and it looks perfectly fine. If you're more of a perfectionist: two coats and you're completely done. It absolutely does not need a third coat. I'm a fan of this one, because the combination of the brush and the formula makes that this nail polish is super easy to apply.

Poudre Bonne Minne in color 3 Ambre Croisière (€48)
Gloss Interdit in color 38 Pink Evocation (€30)
Mister Radiant Vernis (€39,50)
Phenomen'Eyes in color 3 Croisière Lagon (limited edition €32,50)
Le Vernis Givenchy in color 26 Croisière Sensation (limited edition €23,50)
Everything Givenchy

Overall I'm pleased with this collection. There are a few limited editions and one product that really stands out: Mister Radiant. Summer, I'm ready!

Which product do you like the most?

Love, Rani


  1. I love the mascara, I really think it's a cool color for a mascara! And the Mister Radiant looks great too!

  2. Wat een mooie foto's weer, en zo een mooie collectie! Die mister radiant ziet er idd echt goed uit! Mooie kleur nagellak ook!

    xx Sarah

  3. what a gorgeous collection!

  4. De lip gloss ziet er heel goed uit! Dat is echt een mooie kleur vind ik. x

  5. Wow! What great stuff. Love that bronzer. The Nascar looks really cool. :)

  6. Die groene mascara ziet er echt gaaf uit joh! Die zou ik graag willen!
    Leuke post!

  7. Die nagellak ziet er super uit!


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