June 18, 2015


Something I bought this year for the first time, and something I'm just crazy about now. Highlighters are (after lipsticks of course) my favorite beauty product. So meet two of my highlighters: Benefit High Beam and Benefit High Brow Glow.

Here they are! The two highlighters I'm showing you today: one is a regular one for the cheekbones and one is especially for under the brows.

The High Beam is my newest addition, I just got it two weeks back. 
It's a liquid highlighter, with a pink undertone. It has a glowy, satin finish. 

I use it above my cheekbones because it shimmers so much. But you can also use it for your nose, or under your foundation for a radiant look. (I have to try that!)

It is my first liquid highlighter, I normally use powder, but it is so easy to apply. You can just dot your cheekbones and gently blend it out. You can choose how shiny you want it: not shiny - blend, blend, blend. Very shiny - just use more. Simple!

The High Brow Glow is a highlighter that I use very often. I use it under my brows, and just follow the arch. Then I lightly blend it out. 

I love how it makes your look more radiant. And it lifts your eyebrows, I really love this pencil!

I bought it in the color 'Champagne', because I have a yellow undertone so champagne fits me better than pink. 

Aaand, the swatches! 
First two are both High Beam and the last two are High Brow Glow.

You can see that High Beam has a much more pink hue than High Brow. They are highly pigmented, but still very blendable. (Pencil a tad more than the liquid.)

Normally I would recommend High Beam and the pink High Brow Glow for girls with a pink undertone. The champagne High Brow is perfect for yellow undertones.
However, this is your own choice. I use High Beam too, and I have a yellow undertone, so it's actually just how you like it! They are very different, and yet both so beautiful. 

It's now an official make-up goal to collect all of the Benefit highlighters. Next on the wishlist is 'Girl Meets Pearl'. The Benefit highlighters are great quality, and I absolutely love these two. 

Do you use highlighters?

Love, Rani


  1. The colors look really great! Especially the High Brow Glow!

  2. Ja lap! Alweer 2 dingen voor op mijn verlanglijstje! 😅

  3. Ja lap! Alweer 2 dingen voor op mijn verlanglijstje! 😅

  4. Gorgeous hightlighers! Amazing colors and pigmentation x

  5. I like the sound of this brow bone highlight, it looks so pretty! :)


  6. Love highlighters. I use them under my eyes when I have really tired looking eyes. Great review! And gorgeous pictures as always!! :)

  7. Oh wat een prachtige highlighters zeg! Ik heb er zelf maar eentje, de Camélia de Plumes van Chanel, maar deze zien er ook top uit! Zeker dat penseel voor onder de wenkbrauwen vind ik top, zoiets kan ik ook wel gebruiken. Lijkt me makkelijker en nauwkeuriger voor onder je wenkbrauwen dan zo'n poeder met tamelijk grote kwast zoals ik nu gebruik.
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  8. De High Beam heb ik zelf ook eens getest, maar is niet echt iets voor mij :D De High Brow Glow moet ik mij precies toch wel eens aanschaffen! Lovely pictures by the way x

  9. Lijken me fijne producten! Ikzelf heb ze nog niet uitgeprobeerd!


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