May 31, 2015


I welcomed my first Tom Ford products last week. I got two of the new matte lipsticks, and now I'm telling you all about them!

The packaging of these Tom Ford goodies is something I absolutely love. The cardboard packaging has a relief on it and everything written in gold. The lipstick case itself also is black and gold. It's pure sophistication. (Can you already feel my enthousiasm for these lipsticks?) When you hold the lipsticks in the right angle and light, you can see a brown shade coming through the black. 
I love the boxy, minimal approach to these casings. If I would design a lipstick, it would probably look a lot like this one. (It also comes in gold and white for other finishes!)

Oh, and another thing why this lipstick can't be a bad buy: it's made in Belgium!

I went for the colors 05 Plum Lush and 08 Velvet Cherry. The wait for these beauties to arrive was agonising, with checking the mailbox every day twice and going crazy when a package came. (Oh my god, they are finally here! - Nope, something else.) Then they finally arrived and I could take a good look at the Tom Ford matte lipsticks.

The colors don't look very similar to the lips on the Tom Ford website. When you click on them, the little square also don't gives a right impression, but the lipstick itself does have the right color. (The little square never gives a right impression on any beauty brand's lipstick, never.) So look at the lipstick color if you want to order one. 

And wow, the colors are gorgeous. As I said a trillion times before, I always go for a shade like Velvet Cherry, but I should wear more shades like Plum Lush. Despite having a lot of pink lippies now, I still don't wear pink colors. But that has changed since Plum Lush came into my life. Seriously - you saw it on snapchat - I wore this so many times! It's the first pink lipstick that I actually feel comfortable with, not too girly and I can still wear this with my (mostly) all black outfits. Of course Velvet Cherry is lovely too, it's the kind of shade I wore everyday. But in a better, more pigmented way. 

Above is color 05 Plum Lush, below is color 08 Velvet Cherry.

About the texture and formula. 
This is the best pigmented lipstick I have ever had. (And I tested a lot, from a lot of different brands drugstore to high-end.) This is simply the best when it comes to pigmentation. When I swatched it for the first time, we were so impressed! The color is deep, rich and it's just pure pigment, not a little bit of skin peeping through. The formula is a bit dryer, because it's a matte lipstick. Personally I prefer dry lipsticks. Matte has always been my favorite finish, so I'm used to wearing this formula. It also feels very smooth for a matte lipstick! Especially Plum Lush, it just glides on. 

The only 'downside' is that the Velvet Cherry doesn't stay that long in the inner part of my lips. Plum Lush stays longer, but doesn't survive a good meal. (But no lipsticks do that for me, I don't know how you guys eat, but no lipstick has ever survived a dinner with me.)

Another thing: these colors make my lips bigger! When I applied them for swatches, that was the first thing Brecht said: "Wow your lips look bigger!" How do you do that, Tom Ford?

Tom Ford - Lip Color Matte in color 05 Plum Lush (€47)
Tom Ford - Lip Color Matte in color 08 Velvet Cherry (€47)

I am fan. I am a big, big fan of these lipsticks. They are far more expensive than other high-end brands, and so is everything from the Tom Ford beauty range. But I do think they are worth it, just for that crazy pigmentation that still feels smooth. I can honestly say that these are the best lipsticks I have ever tried, and they are my absolute number ones now.

I am so enthusiast about these that I already have a few more on my wishlist: Flame, Black Dahlia, Ruby Rush but on top is Velvet Violet. I also got very curious about the other Tom Ford products, so hopefully (if my wallet allows me) there will be a lot more Tom Ford on here!

What do you think about these colors? Have you ever tried anything from Tom Ford?

Love, Rani


  1. The Plum Lush is great! It's really one of the most beautiful lipsticks you have!

  2. Love the photos, and they are indeed quite pigmented! Sad thing they ra so expensive...

    x Luka

  3. Wauw! Wat een plaatjes! Ze zien er beide heel mooi uit!

  4. Gorgeous colors. The lipsticks look really nice and I love how you take the pictures! :) I have that same problem with lipstick and dinner. That is why I use the Chanel lip stain or loreal infallible lipstain. It stays put which is great if you know pics will be taken. The Chanel stays longer.

  5. Ik wist niet dat ze zo goed waren! Nu ben ik er zelf heel benieuwd naar, en de beide kleuren zijn prachtig. Staan je heel mooi!

  6. Prachtige kleuren, echt heel classy. Wat een fantastisch blogdesign heb je trouwens, ik ben er helemaal verliefd op. Liefs Sjoukje!

  7. Your photos look lovely as usual. The lipsticks looks really cool and the swatches are whah, beautiful. Hope you review some more TF, because I first want to know if they are any good before I spend so much money on them...

    Big kiss, J


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