May 5, 2015


Today I'm showing you one of the prettiest collections I've ever seen: the Dior Tie Dye (summer '15) collection!

I'm showing you a very big selection of the whole collection: enjoy!

Because there will be a separate review of the lipsticks and nail polishes, I'm going to focus on the gorgeous blush, eyeshadow palette and kohl pencil.

The Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye Edition Blush Harmony: in color 001 Pink Sunrise (€60,27)

About the package:
Okay, this one is a stunner, I don't have to tell you that. Look at that blush: those four different colors that melt into each other with a tie dye effect. I could simply not think of a better looking blush. 
The box is shiny silver with a lovely pattern and a mirror inside.
Dior, you did so, so good on this package!

The blush comes with a little cute kabuki brush, my absolute favorite brush to use. It's small and precise, perfect to give your cheeks a healthy blush. 

I have the color: 001 Pink Sunrise and boy, do I love this one. The coral colored one would probably look better with my skin tone, but every girl needs a pink blush, right?

Normally you have to stroke against the whole palette, so you get all the colors. But I like that with these kinds of palettes you can build up your color really easily. If you're wearing a nude look, only use the light colors like the first swatch: just a healthy glow!
The second swatch is all the colors together, and the prettiest color in my opinion.
The third swatch are only the dark colors.

The powder feels really powdery, but definitely not in a bad way. It also has a really subtle shimmer.

Second on: the little 5-color palette: the 5 Couleurs: 556 Contraste Horizon (€60,58)

This palette is one of the prettiest I own. Not just some circles with the eyeshadow in it, but well built geometric compartiments. The eyeshadow has 'stitching' in it, I love details like this. 
The outside is classic and clean: a dark-blue box with 'Dior' in silver writing.
There also are two applicators, but I think nobody uses them anymore. Everyone has a whole range of brushes these days. 

The colors:
The geometric compartiments house 5 different colors of eyeshadows, and they are all so different!
The two first ones are lighter and less pigmented than the others. They needed two swatches instead of one to get the effect on my arm. They also have more shimmers. 
The next two are super pigmented, wow! One stroke and your eye is completely done. The blue color is a bit more extreme than the others, but it's so beautiful and special.
The white one is for your inner eyecorner. You can also line your lower waterline with it.

There is also no fallout at all when using the eyeshadows, yay! My favorite one is the blue color, because it's so bold and daring.

Something you could easily look over in this collection of statement pieces:
the Diorshow Kohl: 559 Pearly Platine. (€25,80)

But do not forget about this one, kohl pencils like this are my make-up savers for those lazy days when you don't feel like putting much effort in your make-up. Add a stroke of a well-pigmented pencil and your eyes instantly have a shimmery, fresh look.
And the Diorshow Kohl is well pigmented, and easy to apply because it's so smooth. It also twists up, so no sharpening this one! Hurrah!

Top Coat Tie Dye - 869 (€27,30)
Dior Vernis 319 Sunwashed (€27)

What do we have more? Nail polishes of course! A milky yellow one with a top coat that gives a tie dye effect. But more in a separate review soon!

Dior Addict Tye Die in colors 001 Red Bliss, 005 Fuschia Utopia and 006 Nude Fever (€36,90)
Dior Addict Fluid Stick in color 229 Beige Passion (€38,03)

Did I save the best for last? You bet I did! Lipsticks will always have that special place in my heart.
But more of this also in a seperate blogpost soon!

To describe this collection in one word: stunning.
I literally love everything. One more thing: you have to be quick if you want to get something from the collection, because a lot of products are limited edition.

What do you think about the collection?

Love, Rani


  1. You're literally killing me. These products are so gorgeous!

    xx Tess Isabella -

  2. So much make-up! And everything looks really great, especially the blush! That one has such cool colors. I also like the lipsticks. They have such an amazing packaging and colors.

  3. I love every single piece, that look so incredibly beautiuful!

  4. Dit is de mooiste make-up collectie uit, mijn portefeuille gaat huilen binnenkort ;-)

    x karen

  5. En je foto's zijn weer zo mooi, je hebt de schoonheid er echt goed kunnen opleggen. Heel mooie items ook, ik ben verliefd op de blush!

  6. This is amazing and so gorgeous!!!!

  7. Holy wow! these products are gorgeous! and that palette! i must have it x Katie Maree Beauty

  8. Gorgeous! Especially the blush<3 Love for your photography by the way. I really like the way you capture the products on its best!

  9. Beautiful pictures as always Rani! That eyeshadow is simply amazing!! I like how bright it is! Can't wait for a post on the lipsticks!

  10. I have to have that blush. It looks so pretty, so I definitely need that in my collection.

  11. Oh my god, how gorgeous is this collection? Seriously? Got to have it all!


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