May 20, 2015


My first Bobbi Brown products (well, except for one lipstick). And they are classics: the art stick and one of the mascaras. I was so excited to try these out!

Let's start with the mascara!

I got the Smokey Eye mascara.
The packaging looks simple, a silver case with Bobbi Brown on one side and on the other 'Smokey Eye Mascara'. The brush is a bit shorter and thicker than other brushes. And the bristles are close together. 

I did not expect much from this mascara. People seem to find every mascara 'the best mascara ever', but when I try them, they aren't any good for my tiny lashes. Somebody told me I had to try Bobbi Brown, but I never got to it because I simply thought that they wouldn't be any good too. 

But boy, was I wrong.

This is definitely one of my favorite mascaras now. The formula is dryer so you can layer on as much as you want. And it gives volume, length ànd curl. Something that only one or two mascaras has ever given me, so well done, Bobbi Brown, well done!
The swatchies are above, and do not pay attention to the messy application of my eye make-up, it's all about the mascara. But I just couldn't do a "smokey eye mascara" on a bare face, that would have been wrong on so many levels.

The art stick, something that instantly says 'Bobbi Brown'.
This packaging is also simple: black, Bobbi Brown in white and the color at the end of the pencil. The pencil is way bigger than a chubby stick for example. It's also thinner and fits nicely in the palm of my hand.
It also comes with a big pencil sharpener (luckily, because where else would we find a sharpener that big?).

I got the color Sunset Orange, and I love it! Normally I wouldn't go for an orangy-red, but this one is really pretty. As you can see it also goes on really smooth. It's almost like a moisturizing-matte lipstick that is also long-lasting. Sounds good, and it just is. I need the art stick in some other colors, I really do.

Bobbi Brown - Art Stick in color Sunset Orange (€27)
Bobbi Brown - Smokey Eye Mascara (€28)

Hello new favorite products! I can't get over the fact that I actually like both of them so much! I need to get some art sticks in different colors.

Have you ever tried out some Bobbi Brown products?

Love, Rani


  1. The mascare looks amazing! It really is gorgeous! The art stick is pretty too, I hope to see more Bobbi Brown posts in the future.

  2. Die art stick wou ik ook al proberen, heel mooie kleur ook, past goed bij de bloemen! ;)

    xx Sarah

  3. The photos are lovely as always, and the mascara looks good on you! The lipstick too btw, love it - Lily x

  4. god that lip pencil is gorgeous, looks amazing on the lips, i need to have one!
    your reviews are always so helpful, love them.


  5. wow love the result of the lipstick!!! ❤️


  6. Absolutely amazing!! I am loving the lip product. xx


  7. Gorgeous lip color! Beautiful pictures as always Rani! :)

  8. Loving Bobbi Brown at the moment and the Art Stick looks lovely :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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