June 2, 2015


A little mystery box arrived at my door last week, here is what was in it...

So Perrier sent me a little mystery box. In it were some Marshall headphones (which are fantastic, the sound is amazing), and a usb flash drive. On the flash drive is the new Perrier commercial, but only the sound, no video footage. They asked us, some bloggers, to write down what we think happens in the commercial. And the person that gets it right, (or mostly right) wins two tickets for the Roland Garros finale. Going to my favorite city again? Yes please! 
You can listen to the fragment below.

Sounds pretty cool, right? With the Marshall headphones I feel like I'm in some kind of Disney ride!

What I think that happens is the following:
We hear raindrops. At first I thought the setting was somewhere under the ground in a gallery. We hear a balloon (you can hear the fire at 00:15), it's rising and rising. And we can hear it going through some trees at 00:18 ( because I hear wood breaking, twigs and leafs?) So that's why I now think we started in the jungle. 
In the balloon the guy flies to his friends. (We hear glasses, greetings, kissing,...) We also hear a whoosh at 00:28 so I think he gets them in pairs, they're not all together. He flies from one to another to pick them up.
The friends fly to a party (do you hear the boom-boom music at 00:35?) and have a good time. But that's not where their evening ends. At 00:39 they fly away, over a zoo (we hear a lion, birds and a monkey) and there are festivities in town! Fireworks and a marching band can be heard around 00:47. Then something weird happens, I think the guy falls out of the balloon. We can hear him screaming and falling - or is it his bottle of Perrier that falls? And he's just sad? 
I think the last shot is a Perrier bottle rising from the sea and a mermaid drinks from it.

Now tell me, what do you hear in this fragment? The commercial launches 7 June, so we'll know it then!

Love, Rani


  1. Ouuuuhhh zo leuk! Mooie headphones! Super leuke campagne ook, zo mysterieus! Ben alvast benieuwd hem te zien! Jouw visie klinkt alvast top :D

    XO Imke // www.pastellics.com

  2. Such a great post! Those look like great headphones. :) wonderful video too! Love you pictures!

  3. Ik voel me in Disneyland als ik dat fragment hoor, haha.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog


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