May 26, 2015


Guerlains summer collection 2015 is one that entirely evolves around Terracotta. So today I'm showing you some sunny, bronzy goodness!

First of all I need to tell you about my tanning-phobia. I love the sun, but I hate to tan. I already got a healthy color, so there's just no need for me to tan. Also, I don't get that golden-brown glow, I just go some shades darker. So I normally don't use bronzers to look more tanned, and I never use tan boosters for my upper body or face. But I do wear bronzers very, very lightly to shape my face and I tried out a tan booster for my legs. Because that's really the only part that has to tan (but just a little bit). 
With that being said, let's take a look at the Guerlain Terracotta Summer Collection!

Let's start with the Terracotta Sun. I already showed this one some days ago here
Terracotta Sun comes in two versions, one for blondes with factor 30 and one for brunettes with factor 15. But I would recommend to always go for the blonde version (I did too, even though I'm clearly brunette), because factor 15 is just not enough for the summer sun. Perfect for the winter though, but not for summer. Protection is so important. 

What's so special about this? 
Its combination of UVA and UVB filters protects the skin from photoageing and sunburn. It also neutralises environmental pollutant particles to detoxify the skin and increase the brightness of the tan. The formula is enriched with Tan Booster to activate, maintain and extend the tan more easily and more naturally.

I tried it out on a person that definitely put the product to the test. My mom with her superpale legs that never, never ever tan. She tans like crazy in her face and upper body - I mean, she sees the sun and boom, tanned - but her legs just won't tan. So we tried it out on her legs, and she actually got a bit of a tan! So this one works like a charm. (I also use it on my legs now, the only part that needs a little tan.)

To see the texture of the formula in some swatches click here.

Of course the well known Terracotta bronzer could not be missing from this collection. For this collection it comes with a blue or red silicon case. If you hit the pan and buy a new one, you can just switch the case to your new Terracotta. 

I love the scent of this bronzer: the top notes reveal an accord of bergamot and mandarin. The heart takes over with the sunny, feminine notes of gardenia, jasmine and ylang-ylang. In the dry-down, vanilla, blended with woody notes, gives this scent all of its character.

And you know how to apply it: trace the well-known 3 shape. (From the forehead to the cheeks and then to the chin, following the facial contours towards the chin and then moving down along the neck.)

This is my favorite out of the collection! (I use this one under my blush, not in the 3-shape.)

(Swatches below.)

Guerlain is introducing the first SPF 20 Terracotta compact foundation, a foundation with sun protection that combines skincare and make-up. 

I love this packaging! The whole collection is all about the sun, and this case looks very chic. It's white and gold (no, definitely not black and blue) and has a sun with the 'G' of Guerlain on it. Inside there is a mirror and place for the sponge. 

It applies really well, you can blend it in your skin. It's not a full covering foundation, it has the coverage of a good bb-cream.

It comes in two shades: sand and bronze. I have the lightest color: Sand, but it still is too dark for me.

Here are the swatches. The two above are the foundation. The first one blended in and the second one just one stroke to see the pigment. You can see that it's rather dark, and you need to be tanned to wear this one.

The two other swatches are the bronzer. Again the first one more blended (and you should probably even blend it more for a sunkissed look). But it's just to give you an idea of the pigment. (Which is really good!)

Guerlain also came with a waterproof Summer Shadow. This liquid eyeshadow has a creamy, soft texture.
When I applied it, it didn't really had the effect of a metallic liquid eyeshadow. It's matte, so of course it looks different. It dries quickly and doesn't cover that well, but still decently. You can see the swatches below. I didn't shower with it, so I have no idea about it being waterproof, all I know is that it removes easily with my make-up wipes.

There also is a nail polish in the summer line. I got color 700 Blue Ocean, and it perfectly fits with the eyeshadow and the silicon case of the bronzer. When I applied the first layer I thought 'wow, this one is not good', but when I applied the second layer it was very covering, and I didn't even need a third layer. 

Terracotta Sun Moisturizer Tan Booster with SPF 30 (€44)
Terracotta Sun Protection Compact Foundation SPF 20 in color Sand (€61)
Terracotta Bronzing powder (€52,5)
Terracotta Summer Shadow in color Blue Ocean (€32)
Terracotta Colour Lacquer in color Blue Ocean (€26)

The collection exists out of 7 products, so there are two more products: Météorites Rainbow Pearls and  the Rouge Automatique lipstick. These two are also my favorites from the collection, because well hello, biggest lipstick-fan ever here! And the météorites are my favorite Guerlain product.

Overall, considering my tanning-phobia, I'm happy with this collection. There are a lot of products that aren't focused on tanning like the nail polish, summer shadow, lipstick and météorites. And for the three sunny products: I did found a use for them and I really like them. I think this is a collection that has products for everyone. 
Summer with Guerlain = approved!

Love, Rani


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  2. The nail polish looks great! It's such a great color, it's perfect for the summer!

  3. Oh wat een mooie collectie, zelf hou ik echt van bruinen en liggen op het strand, dus deze collectie past perfect bij mij! Die bronzer, hebben!

    x L

  4. Such lovely products! I really like the foundation and that eyeshadow is so gorgeous! Love it! X

  5. Je foto's zijn weer eens prachtig. En hele mooie collectie ook. Tan Booster? Dat klinkt heel goed!


  6. Such pretty stuff! Love that nail polish!! So pretty! And your photos are beautifully done! Makes me want to run to the beach!


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