May 25, 2015


I have two new pink additions in the lipcolor stash. A Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter and an YSL Pop Water Glossy Stain, these are both new collections. So I'm going to introduce these two to you!

I added the Dior Rouge Brillant in this post to compare, because the colors all resemble each other. 

Let's start with the one we already know. The Dior Rouge Brillant in color 775 Darling. I already wrote a large post about the Rouge Brillant collection (click to see more).  It's one of my favorite colors, but I don't wear it that often because I'm so bound to my dark red lips. I should probably just kick the habit and wear pink lips more often. I really like this shade.

The Givenchy Rouge-à-Porter collection is brand-new. I fell for it, and hard. Just look at the packaging, seriously, look at that case! It's longer and thinner than most lipsticks. And a big part of the casing is black leather (unfortunately real, hopefully they'll switch to faux soon), but it does look really 'fancy'. The rest of the case is silver with Givenchy inscripted and the logo on top. At the bottom of the actual case that holds the bullet, there is a little stud (front and back), and again Givenchy inscripted. This packaging is really original, and probably one of my favorites!

Again a brand-new collection. This time a lipgloss from the YSL Pop Water collection. They're called: YSL Pop Water - Vernis à Levres - Glossy Stains. The purpose is to create popy and glossy lips (thank you, captain obvious). 
YSL never goes wrong when it comes to packaging. This too looks really cute. Gold with the YSL Casandre logo on top, and black with a see through part in the middle. Easy to find the right color!

The sponge applicator is very different from the one from Dior. This one is thicker and more 'fluffy'. But it works well, and covers very easily.

And I will probably (most definitely) be the only one who thinks this but - I think the scent smells a bit like wine and candy. More wine than candy. Just wine and a little bit of candy. 

I already swatched the Rouge Brillant in the previous article, but here is a new one. So you can see the differences between the three lipcolors more clearly. 

Here is a lip swatch of the Givenchy Rouge-à-Porter in color Framboise Grifée. I love the color! It's shiny, and deep pink. Like the name says, very raspberry like! The formula feels so nice, more like a lip balm. And I'm really surprised about the pigment, considering that it's a sheer lipstick. (You can see clearly that this one is pigmented the best.) It looks good, I'm happy with this one.

Last, but definitely not least: the YSL glossy stain. I got the color 'Misty Pink'. The most important thing is: it stains! It really stains. The gloss wears off after a bit, but the color stays longer. The gloss also gives the popy effect they advertise. It did not have a sticky effect, something I was a bit afraid of. Whew! When I applied it, it felt fresh and watery. Not sticky at all. That and because it stains so well, are the main reasons why I love this gloss.

Top to bottom: YSL - Dior - Givenchy.

Givenchy - Le Rouge à Porter in color N303 Framboise Grifée (€33)
YSL - Pop Water Glossy Stain in color 206 Misty Pink (€34.50)
Dior - Rouge Brillant in color 775 Darling (€38,03)

I love all of these raspberry pink lippies. They are all different, and especially the different textures and finishes are key here. 

Now I'm curious about who stole your heart: Dior, Givenchy or YSL?

Oh, and very important: go smell the YSL lipgloss and let me know if you smell wine too. 

Love, Rani


  1. I like the Givenchy the most, it's a really beautiful color and the packaging is so cool!

  2. Allemaal echt mooi, ik ben totaal geen glossy lipstick persoon maar die van ysl is echt super cute! Doet me beetje denken aan de water tint lipsticks van ik korea maar dan de gloss versie ervan :)

  3. Ik ben echt aan het twijfelen. Dior is mooi egaal, ysl heeft zo'n mooie finish en Givenchy heeft de mooiste kleur! Alledrie dus haha!
    - Kathleen

  4. i'm using now the dior one and I love it!!! need to try the YSL too ❤️


  5. i am in love!!! helaas kan ik niet zulke heftige kleuren dragen, krijg ik van die vissenlipjes van. Maar die foto's zijn echt to die for!!!

  6. Your photos are always so beautiful, these are colorful and fit the poppy YSL! Loved reading this, Givenchy looks really chic. And I read your previous article about Dior: amazing. And amazing photography again!

    xx Siena

  7. Your pictures are so pretty !! Wonderful review! The colors are beautiful


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