May 21, 2015


A while ago I got the holy grail of beautybloggers: the Alex. It took some time until I had everything fully organized, but I can finally show you the result and how I now organize my make-up!

How to organizer your make-up, a question we all ask ourselves.
My room is not so big, and I didn't want to change everything to make room for a make-up storage. So after a lot of thinking, I thought about a way to get one, without messing up the whole interior: use an Alex as a table leg! And I'm so, so smitten with it!
I don't have a ginormous amount of make-up, but it was too much to just keep it in the bathroom. And I always put my make-up on in my room. So without a place to put it, it was just make-up chaos everywhere. 

So... how do I use my drawers? 

The first picture is how it was when I first got my Alex: a place for my brushes. But because I also had some standing on the desk and I use some of the brushes everyday, zipping them away wasn't so convenient. So from the first drawer I made a drawer with room for 200 lipsticks. (Okay 195 exactly.) This is pure for the future, because I only own around 50 now. And I will keep my favorites in the third drawer, where my everyday make-up lies.  Behind the lipsticks there is still room for those beautiful Zoeva bags and the brushes that I don't use that often.
I made the lipstick organizer with drawer dividers from Ikea, and it was a lot - and by a lot I mean A LOT - of work to make them, but it was definitely worth it. I really wanted this. Now let the hoarding begin!

My second drawer houses my favorite high-end make-up. Dior, YSL, Chanel, Guerlain,... - the make-up that I find the prettiest of my little collection. Since this is my 'favorite high-end drawer' I had to have some design storage, right? I already showed you my Nomess storage boxes here, and here you can see them integrated in my Alex. Still crazy about these, and I need to order some more. My YSL palettes don't even fit in a box anymore.

My third, favorite and most used drawer: the 'everyday drawer'. Here I keep all the products that I use the most: my favorite lipsticks (not all of them are on the picture, I always have a few in my jackets and bags) and brushes and just everything in my daily routine. I collected these boxes from so many different shops and it really took some time to get my drawer full of acrylic boxes that perfectly fit. 

One of the most asked questions I got about the ELF post was "Where did you get that organizer?". So I will tell you where I got all of these. This one I got at Aliexpress, it was not expensive and it's superhandy. This lipstick organizer is just perfect. Organizing lipstick is not difficult anymore!

This one I got at Casa. It's the only one with holes big enough for my Collistar lipsticks.

I have been looking for exactly one like this for so, so long. Recently a Flying Tiger opened near me, and I found these for only 5 euro! Perfect for the brushes and make-up I use everyday. 

So guys, if you can't find a smaller acrylic box, why not use a Ferrero Rocher box? I'm not even kidding, this was a chocolatebox! 

And these are from Action, I think a lot of you will already have these on the shelf. When I didn't had the Alex, I used this one to store my daily make-up. 

Up next is drawer number four. A drawer where I used the same system as in the first to store my nailpolish. I also use it for some perfumes that don't fit in the bathroom anymore, some foundation and eyeshadows. 

The fifth drawer isn't really organized, it's where I keep the make-up that I still need to shoot.

I clean out my stash very often. I also have some in the bathroom of course (and all of my perfumes and skincare). 

I'm really, really happy with the result.
I think it looks way better than before!

This little Alex costs €55 and is available at Ikea. (Duh, haha!)

How do you keep your make-up organized? And do you like how the Alex looks under my desk?

Love, Rani


  1. It looks perfect! I love how you organised everything and I said it a few posts before, but those Nomess boxes are just so cool!

  2. Those Ferrero rocher boxes are life! I made a clear clutch out of it, lol! Your organization level is on point, very clever the way you made those lipstick storages.

  3. Wow! I love this so much! It looks so cool and organized, love your second drawer!

  4. wow hoe leuk. als ik ooit in de leven nog eens veel tijd heb, ga ik hier ook werk van maken ;-)

    x Karen

  5. Incredibly well organized, this is really helpful!

    - Blair

  6. I need that unit in my life! What a great way to store makeup! I wonder if I could keep a tiny person out of everything? :) Great post Rani!

  7. Wow this is all so clean and perfectly organised! I love all the acrylic and the clean layout of everything so you can see exactly what you have xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  8. Oh my god I am filled with such makeup lust right now, those photos are beautiful (and I am so envious of your collection)

    Steph -

  9. Wow, literally all I can say. Love the make up and love the way you organized it.

  10. Wat heb jij ongelooflijk veel make up?! Wel handig dat je dat zo kan opbergen. Ik heb helaas noch in mijn badkamer, noch in mijn kamer plaats over om alles zo mooi uit de stallen.

  11. Amazing system! If I had this not only would I need to buy more makeup but I would actually enjoy wearing it all! x

  12. Ok, die dividers gebruiken voor de lipsticks is echt goed gevonden. En ideaal om héél veel lipsticks te stockeren :-D Mooie collectie!


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