May 12, 2015


You know what my favorite beauty product is: lipsticks. My collection keeps on growing and I was so thrilled to add these beauties to my stash.
Meet my six new little friends: they're colorful, poppy and I absolutely love them.

Collistar launched a new lipstick: the Art Design lipsticks. It comes in 18 different shades. I got six lovely colors: let's have a look at them!

The packaging is very original. It has a gold and platinum shiny casing that looks like someone twisted it. It looks futuristic, and not like any other lipstick I know.
On top it has the logo and at the bottom the color and name of the lipstick. On two of the sides, below, 'Collistar' is engraved. 

You have probably noticed the little lip pencils. Because it's a brand-new lipstick, Collistar gives during the introduction period, a free matching lip pencil! 
I have a lot of lipliners and I use them almost everytime I wear lipstick to make it last longer. But a lip pencil and lipstick almost never match for the full 100%. I often have to search for a matching color, but they're always too light, too dark,... And by that they ruin the color of my lipstick. That's why this is so great, you just get the lipliner with your lipstick. In exactly the same color! 

The colors are all so vibrant and the lipstick is highly pigmented. So the color you see, is the color you get. The texture is really creamy, and feels pleasant on the lips. And the lipsticks and especially the lip pencils are very, very long-lasting!
This is a combo that is really rare: creamy and long-lasting, but Collistar did it!

5 Pesco In Fiore
Pesco In Fiore is a nude color, and the only one from the six that has a little bit of shimmer. You can see it very clearly in the lipstick

2 Nudo
Nudo is a nude-pinkish color. It looks a bit like Pesco In Fiore, but it's more pink (while Pesco is more peachy) and it doesn't have any shimmers.

13 Corallo
My first orange/coral lipstick, I would have never thought that this color would actually look good on me, but I would definitely wear this one in public. Special, but pretty!

Ciclamino is a bright hotpink color, and I'm pleasantly surprised!

16 Rubino
Rubino is a red lipstick with a bit of an orange shade in it. It's the classic red lipstick, but with a little twist. The swatch on the arm below is slightly more accurate than the color on my lips.

18 Mora
Mora seemed like such a gorgeous color, but the lipliner was darkbrown, with no red shade in it. So on the lips it's very dark and brown. I definitely prefer the lipstick without the lip liner, like in the swatch below. A nice dark red, but still very red. 
(And excuse the messy application.)

Here is a big overview from all the colors. (In the order as they were shown above.)

Collistar - Art Design lipsticks (available now for €24)

I'm putting these lipsticks somewhere in my top 5 of favorites! They're highly pigmented, feel smooth, are super long-lasting, easy to apply and have their own matching lip liner. What more could we wish for?

Which one is your favorite color?

Love, Rani


  1. De Pesco In Fiore en de Corallo zijn mijn favorieten, die zijn echt heel mooi! Leuk ook van die bijpassende lipliners, dat maakt het compleet. En die verpakking is zo speciaal, echt tof!

  2. Oh dat zijn echt mooie kleuren! Geef mij maar die Corallo, die vind ik prachtig! X

  3. I love nude lipsticks, so my favorite color is the Nudo. But it's such lovely collection! And cool packaging!

  4. Oh my gosh that red is so pretty!! The packaging is beautiful! Gorgeous pictures and wonderful review!


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