May 23, 2015


Sunscreen is probably the most important part (if not, it has to be!) of your daily summer routine. I'm showing you my favorite sunscreens of the moment.

The Rituals face sunscreen is one of my favorites for about a year now. I already reviewed this one here. In short: it's not oily - it doesn't feel thick or greasy. It dries quick and it protects so well against the sun. That's why I use this one for my face and upperbody. (I don't want to tan there.)

This one is a new one that I just tested and loved. It's from Lancaster, from the brand-new sun control line. It has (like the sunscreen above) also spf 50, and I also use it for my face and upperbody. 

What makes this one special? 
It has a very high sun protection: It protects against UVA-, UVB rays and infrareds.  It also protects against photoAgeing (rimple and dark spots) because of the 'melanin inhibitor complex'. So it's a strong protector, but also an anti-ageing skincare.

I also like the formula, it's the thickest of the three, but it dries quickly and smears easily. And it smells so good! Apparently it's the scent most of the Lancaster products have, if that's so, I need more!

Especially when you have a sensitive or demanding skin, this is the one for you. (Or if you - like me - are just very, very careful with your face and the sun.)

 I'm not (yet) going to say much about this one. It's in the sunscreen routine, very recently. This sun protection is from Guerlains Terracotta summer collection (and limited edition). But more info will follow in a couple of days, when I show you the full collection. I use this one to tan my legs, because it's next to protection, also a sunbooster!

From top to bottom: Rituals - Lancaster - Guerlain
Here you can see that they all have different textures. Guerlain is more watery than the others. Lancaster is the thickest one. But they are all very good, so it doesn't really matter that much. They all dry instantly and none of them are greasy.

Rituals - Sun Protection Face Cream €15
Lancaster - Sun Control €38,80
Guerlain - Terracotta Sun (Sun Moisturiser Tan Booster) €44

Voilà, my favorites! 
What are your favorites? And do you use it every day?

Love, Rani


  1. That Lancaster sunscreen is very interesting! It's good that besides protection against the sun, it will also take care of dark spots.

    1. I don't think it will get rid of your dark spots (it's not a concealer), more like it protects against new spots. :)

  2. Ik was ook een zonnecrime aan het zoeken, nu twijfel ik tussen de eerste twee...

  3. Beautiful pictures as always, I have one from garnier, but I'm looking for a new one. They are all a bit expensive tho!

    kiss, Romy

  4. Oh ik wist niet dat Rituals ook zonnecrème heeft. Ik denk dat ik deze eens ga uitproberen vermits ik over de andere producten erg tevreden ben!

    x Karen

  5. Ik heb dringend nieuwe producten nodig voor deze zomer. Die van Guerlain lijkt me wel leuk!

  6. I didn't know Guerlain had a sunscreen! I'm so curious about it! And your pictures are amazing btw x

  7. I never used a Lancaster product before, but I'm thinking of trying this one out. If it will avoid new dark spots then I'll have a new favorite sunscreen!

  8. Great reviews! Sunscreen is really important! I love sunscreens that are sprays lately, so much easier to spray a wiggly kiddo and go and spray yourself while chasing them . Didn't know that Guerlain had a sunscreen. Interesting . :)


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