May 19, 2015


Yesterday we discovered the budget label ELF, but what's the most important make-up product? Right, lipstick of course! So I decided to try all the different lipsticks ELF has!  

There are three different kinds of lipstick: a lipstick that only costs 1 euro, a moisturizing lipstick and a mineral lipstick. Besides that I also tried out the jumbo lip pencil. 

The packagings.

Let's start with the cheapest ones. These are supercheap, I mean, they just don't come any cheaper. 1 euro is literally nothing. So I kept this in mind while trying them out. The package of this one is my least favorite of the three lipsticks. It looks a bit cheaper than the others, and it doesn't twist up easily. However, I'm keeping in mind that these only cost 1 euro, so for that money you just can't expect a metallic packaging. 
I got three different colors: a red one, a pink one, and a pink-nudish one. The lipstick smells very candy-like. These lipsticks aren't bad to use, but I had a problem with little bits of the lipstick that came off when swatching and applying it on the lips. It's not so bad, but you can see it in the first swatch for example. There are some stripes in it that are more pigmented, because of the little bits.
The swatches are all below as usual. 



'Voodoo', my favorite of the the three! A light red color, with a little bit of a pink tone in it. 

Top to bottom: Flirtatious - Charming - Voodoo

Next on are the mineral lipsticks (€5). They don't come in very different shades of colors, they all have a soft color with the same sepia tone, definitely no bright ones in this collection. The mineral lipstick is made with natural ingredients, without parabens or any chemical additions. It's 100% mineral.
The lipstick feels smooth, creamy, and applies easy. Their pigmentation is okay, not bad. Definitely not for a €5 lipstick.

'Runway Pink'

'Rich Raspberry'

'Beautiful Berry'

Top to bottom: Runway Pink - Rich Raspberry - Beautiful Berry

The moisturizing lipsticks (€4) are my favorites. They have the brightest colors and are slightly better pigmented than the others. I also like this packaging the most because if you put the lipsticks upside down (like most girls keep them in their stash), you can not only see the name, but also the color. 

I had the same problem like with the first lipstick, little bits of the lipstick came off. You can see it again in the swatches, very clearly this time.

'Flity & Fabulous'


'Ravishing Rose'

'Velvet Rope'

Top to bottom: Flity & Fabulous - Rosy-Go-Round - Ravishing Rose - Velvet Rope

These two lip pencils are better than any of the lipsticks. Their pigment is great and they last way longer than the lipsticks. These I will use more often! They are very creamy for a lip pencil, and actually almost feel like a lipstick instead of a pencil. Nothing than love for these two!

'Rich Red'

These two swatches are not so well applied, well after swatching 10 lipsticks, you get this haha.

Top to bottom: Rich Red - Wine

Lipstick (here) || Mineral lipstick (here) || Moisturizing lipstick (here) || Jumbo lip pencil (here)

 So my overall conclusion is that these lipsticks are definitely okay for the price. Personally, if I had to choose between the lipsticks, I would recommend the Moisturizing lipsticks, because these are pigmented the best. And get a jumbo lip pencil, those are just great. Really great.

Have you ever tried an ELF lipstick?

Love, Rani


  1. The lip pencils look really great! My favorite color is the 'Wine'. The other lipsticks look good as well, I can't believe that they are so cheap!

  2. I'm fan of Charming, what a beautiful color. And the price is really cheap so... ordering haha!

  3. Love the review! Ik wou ze altijd al eens bestellen, maar ik wist het niet goed. Er zitten wel mooie kleuren tussen moet ik zeggen!

  4. Great reviews Rani! I love how the ravishing rose and wine look on you. Great colors!

  5. Oeh die lip pencils wil ik wel eens proberen!

  6. Ooh de lip pencils zien er echt mooi uit!

  7. Can someone say lipstick envy? Because that is what I have! Those shades are all gorgeous and we don't get ELF in SA *sad face*
    Pieces in Pink | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  8. Love the look of Charming and Rich Raspberry :) I wish elf wasn't discontinued in the UK :( xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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