May 2, 2015


I wanted some acrylic boxes to store my make-up in and I came across the Danish label Nomess.
Now (almost) everything is organized in these pretty boxes!

These are the boxes I got: The Momabox in 5 different sizes.

The Momaboxes are made of sturdy, crystal clear plastic in 11 different colours and 6 sizes. This design is recognized by the Museum of Modern Art in New York for their permanent exhibition of simple design and indisputable functionality. How cool is that?

Momaboxes are perfect for the kitchen to store grains, spices, teas or whatever else that needs to be accessible and organized. You can also use them at your workspace for pens for example. 
Well, I use them for my make-up obviously.

They also look great when stacked!

 Momabox 3-room (biggest one) - €27 || Momabox (with pencils) - €24 || Momabox (with Dior and Chanel palette) - €20 || Momabox 3 pieces (with the gold jewelry) - €7 || Momabox 3 pieces (with silver rings) - €5

The smaller boxes are great for jewellery and other small items that tend to disappear or tangle. Just perfect for all the bits and bobs I have got lying around! They are also ideal for storing your fake eyelashes!
I'm so crazy about Scandinavian design, so I thought why not get some design boxes for my high-end make-up? I'm always so scared to scratch those beautiful packagings ... Now everything is organized, and it can't get dusty anymore!

I'm so happy with these boxes, the only negative thing I could say is: I wish I had ordered more of the big ones!

How do you keep your make-up organized?

Love, Rani


  1. Gorgeous storage boxes, so clean and simple, and not that expensive too.
    Will check their other stuff out too.

  2. Nomess is such a cool brand. I just visited their website and they have so many beautful things. It's all so minimalistic, i really like it! And the boxes are just perfect!

  3. I love this idea - will have to see if we can get them in the UK xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  4. Aaah I'm in love! (ook met de inhoud).

  5. So much Dior, love it and definitely the coolest way to organize them!

  6. beautiful boxes! cool label!

  7. Wauw hoe leuk zijn die doosjes! Echt supertof!

  8. I wish i had those boxes! Didn't know the brand, but i'm in love!

  9. I wish I could use boxes like that my little one would get into so much trouble with those. So I have to use a travel case with a lock. Lol. Wonderful pictures as always!!


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