October 2, 2016

Cinq Mondes - Musthave Collection

Cinq Mondes blows out 15 candles, and to celebrate their anniversary they put together a selection of their musthave products in this purple travel-size bag!

Flowers Cleansing Balm (20ml) 

Ritual from Bali, Indonesia

"Discover the secrets of Balinese princesses to boost skin radiance using the legendary makeup remover and cleanser with its melting texture and addictive fragrance of lemongrass and cardamom."

Rich Cream of Youth (15ml) 

Ritual from Beijing, China

"Adopt the beauty rituals that Chinese women use to preserve skin youthfulness with subtly perfumed and delicate Rich Cream of Youth. Smoothing and plumping, anti-wrinkle moisturizing cream with UV filter."

Papaya Purée (30ml)

Ritual from Siam, Thailand

"Enjoy a shower experience perfumed by fragrances from Thailand with Papaya Purée that cleanses, gently exfoliates and delicately brightens the skin. Use in your daily shower and savor a moment of sensorial bliss."

Sumptuous Dry Body Oil (30ml) 

Ritual from the Atlas, Morocco

"Discover subtle and enveloping fragrances from the Atlas Mountains with Sumptuous Dry Body Oil. Our skin-nourishing, regenerative dry oil combines the beneficial effects of Argan and Olive Oils."

Eau Egyptienne (25ml) 

Ritual from Luxor, Egypt

"Embark on a mystical voyage thanks to the secrets of Pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut, her perfumed potion and its power to brighten dreams with Eau Egyptienne, reinterpreted by renowned perfumer Olivia Giacobetti. An iconic fresh aromatic spray with bewitching fragrance for body – hair – pillow mist."

Cinq Mondes - The Musthave Collection (€39)

I already knew 3 of the 5 musthave products, you can read more about the body oil, eau Egyptienne and the papaya scrub here. The rich day cream and cleanser are completely new to me.

I love bags or boxes with musthave products from a brand, because you can try out the products for a while without fully committing and getting a full size immediately. This bag is about the price of the full size papaya puree scrub for example.

Have you ever tried a Cinq Mondes product? 

Love, Rani

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  1. I really like that Cinq Mondes finds inspiration in other cultures for their products. And I think a bag like this with all these different kinds of products is great!


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