October 1, 2016

& Other Stories - Fall 2016

If you would give me unlimited shopping money (and time) at & Other Stories, I would leave with bags and bags and even more bags. & Other Stories always has exactly what I'm looking for, even in the beauty range - because there are some gems in their fall collection!

Liquid Foundation

The liquid foundations are completely new to me, I've never tried an & Other Stories foundation before. The first thing I noticed is that the formula has a dual consistency, so you need to shake well before using it. On the box it says that you can use a few drops in your moisturizer for a list coverage, or you can just use it on your own. The formula is pretty pigmented with a light to medium coverage and demi-matte finish. The bottle holds 15ml, which is about half of the regular amount. But luckily, thanks to the formula, a little goes a long way. 

There are only 4 shades available of this foundation, Crêpe Beige (cool undertone) comes closest for me, but still is a bit too dark, so if I use it I mix it with my moisturizer for a very light coverage. The foundations mix perfectly together, so you can mix and match your shade together. (Maybe that's why the bottles are only 15ml, because you probably need two to mix?) I think Satin Ivory mixed with Crêpe Beige would have been a perfect fit for me. Poplin Sand is a medium shade with warm undertone.

Sequin Ray Luminising Quad

What a beauty this is, a cream highlighter palette with 4 different shades. A champagne hue, a white/silver, pink and a bronze shade. All feel dry-creamy and blend out well. They give a beautiful glow when worn, but you can also use them as a base for a more glittery powder highlighter if you'd like. The effect on the skin is as the blended swatches, more subtle, because you don't wear highlighter as heavily applied as the swatches. Pretty, wearable shades and different from each other - great quad!

Challis Gold Eye Colour

My eyeshadow mono did not survive the trip, it's broken but thanks to the structure it will be easy to fix with some alcohol and press it back together. 

Am I such an holidays obsessed person that I think this is the perfect holiday/Christmas color? I got a total jingle bells feeling when swatching this. This color would be such a nice accent color for your holiday look. It's not too glittery and shiny, it's a beautiful muted gold. 

Bombazine Mascara

If you make a mascara that does something for my lashes it would be tha bomb. The bombazine mascara gives volume and a little length, not much curl. The mascara is okay, but I would not repurchase it. There are better products in this collection.

Mat Cardamom Nail Colour

At first I disliked the &OS nail polishes, then I thought they reformulated the varnishes because they were better. But nude shades still are a bit tricky apparently. I don't know what it is, maybe the brush? Maybe the formula? I swatched this together with the Essie fall collection, that's maybe why the difference was so noticeable. Mat Cardamom is a nude with a hint of pink, beautiful, but a little tricky to apply.

Chamray Micellar Water

& Other Stories first micellar water! 
A nice, soft feeling cleanser that has a light floral and subtle scent. & Other Stories does bath and body care so well, so a micellar water couldn't be missing from their range - and I'm loving it.

& Other Stories - Chamray Micellar Water (€7 for 100ml)
& Other Stories - Liquid Foundation in Poplin Sand and Crêpe Beige (€23)
& Other Stories - Sequin Ray Luminising Quad (€17)
& Other Stories - Eye Colour in Challis Gold (€9)
& Other Stories - Nail Polish in Mat Cardamom (€7)
& Other Stories - Bombazine Black Mascara (€17)

My favorites of the new products definitely are the highlighting palette, the (unbelievably Christmassy) Challis Gold mono and the micellar water. 

What do you think about the new collection?

Love, Rani


  1. It's a very beautiful collection, especially the Challis Gold! That one is my favorite and like you said, it's a perfect Christmas color.

  2. & Other Stories is inderdaad echt een zalige winkel. Het highlighter palette gaat gelijk op m'n wishlist, wow!

  3. Gorgeous pictures!!! Love that eyeshadow especially

  4. The packaging of all products looks so nice! Definitely catches the eye.


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