October 2, 2016

Budget Sunday: Catrice FW '16

Budget Sunday! 
With a great highlighter and some amazing eyeshadows today, some real budget discoveries. 

HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

I'm not a big fan of budget foundations usually. Never my shade, too dry, too flaky,... The HD Liquid Coverage Foundation rolled in in shade 020 Rose Beige, which is a really close match for me. That already was quite a surprise. I tested it not so long (I'm sorry, there were so many foundations waiting), so only a quick first impression:

The foundation has a light to medium coverage (the bottle says full, but medium is max). The texture feels light on the skin, not suffocating. There are (only) 4 shades available: 010 Light Beige, 020 Rose Beige, 030 Sand Beige and 040 Warm Beige. No darker foundations sadly, but I'm guessing new shades will be released soon as it's a nice foundation, and quite popular too. You should also take into account that the foundation oxidizes lightly, to half/one shade darker. 

In sum: the foundation covers well, without feeling heavy. This one is definitely worth checking out when you're looking for a drugstore foundation.

Deluxe Glow Highlighter

The Deluxe Glow Highlighter palette immediately drew my attention towards it, it has a pretty packaging and 3 shades of highlighters. 

As a highlighting palette? Nope. These are not shiny or glowy enough to use as a 'real' highlighter. But it is perfect to use as an all over finishing (setting) powder with a glow. Like the Hourglass powders of the Guerlain Météorites for example. The first shade contains the most shine, the second is almost matte, so I like to mix these two shades as finishing powder. The third shade is the most pigmented, but also matte. You can very, very lightly shape with this color, or use it as a light blush. 

Eye & Brow Contouring Palette

This palette is both an eyeshadow palette as well as a brow palette. The beige, brown and dark brown shades are completely matte, the pigmentation is fine (with the occasional fallout in the palette). There are two versions of this palette: a cool toned and a warm toned. '020 But First, Hot Coffee' is the warm toned palette. For my eyebrows I prefer a cooler shade than these, so I guess I'm leaning towards the other palette.

But the reason why I love this palette: look at that highlighter. The highlighter is incredible intense, well pigmented and it has a perfect bright silver shade. I hardly ever come across highlighters this white, and this shiny. I'm guilty of wearing this highlighter not only on my brow bone, but on my cheekbones as well.

Glam & Doll Super Black Liner

A new eyeliner in the fall/winter collection: the Glam & Doll Super Black Liner. Super black indeed, with a very flexible tip which easily switches from thin to thick. I do think the eyeliner is too wet, it tends to bleed and because it's so wet I can't work really precisely with it. There are better eyeliners on the market, also in the budget section. (And even from Catrice, but that's for another budget sunday.)

Prêt-à-Lumière Eyeshadows

What? Seriously, how did I not find out sooner about these? I'm madly in love with the Prêt-à-Lumière eyeshadows. There are 9 shades available, ranging from mint to royal blue - so I'm actually thinking about getting all of these. (And swatching all of them here?) 

The eyeshadows have a creamy powder texture, which make them super easy to apply with maximum color payoff in one swipe. I'm just mad about these. They're great.

Catrice - HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in 020 Rose Beige (€6,99)
Catrice - Deluxe Glow Highlighter in 010 The Glorious Three (€4,59)
Catrice - Eye & Brow Contouring Palette in 020 But First, Hot Coffee! (€4,59)
Catrice - Glam & Doll Super Black Liner (€2,99)
Catrice - Prêt-à-Lumière Eyeshadow in 030 Diner En Blanc and 050 La Vie En Rose (€3,99)

Big hits now in store: the Prêt-à-Lumière eyeshadows. Definitely when considering they only cost €3,99! And if you're looking for a good highlighter, one that resembles the Urban Decay highlighters for example in quality, in a very light silver/white shade, the Eye & Brow Contouring palette (€4,59) is the one to get. Even just for the highlighter.

What's your favorite product?

Love, Rani


  1. The Prêt-à-Lumière Eyeshadows are my favorite! Diner en Blanc is the one I like the most. It's a very pretty collection and the pictures are looking so good!

  2. Mooie review! Die Prèt-à-Lumière oogschaduw ziet er echt goed uit!


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