June 22, 2015


There are so many beauty brands that I still haven't fully discovered. Cinq Mondes is one of them, so I tried out some of their most popular products.

I'm showing you a body/hair mist, a body oil and an exfoliant. 

What you really need to know about Cinq Mondes is that they have guidelines for their products:

1) The main ingredients must be of organic or natural origin.
2) No paraben - no phenoxyethanol. 
3) No silicone - no mineral oil.
4) No artificial coloring.
5) Tested under dermatological control.

Starting off with the body oil. What I absolutely love about it, is that it's a spray. A real spray, it's so handy to use! 
The body oil is called 'Sumptuous Dry Body Oil (Ritual of Atlas, Morocco). And the scent really smells like Morocco. It's a mix of different impressions like spices, sun and hammam. 
I feel like this body oil definitely has a silkening and nourishing effect - perfect for the dryer parts like elbows and legs. You can also apply a little spray on your hair to get glossy locks.

Next on is Papaya Puree, a shower body polish for skin illumination.

Every product has it's own history. This one takes us back to Siam. "Under the supervision of a Doctor of Pharmacy, Cinq Mondes laboratory has formulated the Papaya Puree. Adapted from a beauty recipe traditionally used since the 16th century in the Kingdom of Siam, this exfoliating shower product combines Diatom Earth, natural extracts of organic papaya rich in piping, as well as fine coconut powder to delicately exfoliate the skin's texture. The vitamin E allows to protect the skin."

The essences here are: cedar wood, gaiac wood, sandalwood,... Although it definitely smells very fresh like lemongrass. 

It's nice to use, at first the grains scrub a little, but then the substance gets a bit foamy. It softened my skin, and we did the ultimate test to test the illumination: my boyfriend did a piece of his arm and I had to guess which part. And I chose right! So you can see a difference in illumination, not that big, but it's there.

And last we have the Eau Egyptienne, a body and hair mist. I don't really know if there is a difference between an eau de toilette... Maybe that this scent is lighter. 

Here is the story behind the product: "The Eau Egyptienne is a contemporary adaptation of the famous Kyphi, a philter containing 11 essential oils created for the great Pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut. According to Plutarch, the ancient greek writer ad historian, this philter had the power 'to ease tension and brighten dreams'."

The essence comes from spices, flowers and herbs: cumin, rose, mint, incense, myrrh, cypress, juniper, geranium, lentiscus, jasmine and papyrus. 

This is my favorite scent of the three, it's mysterious and it smells like how I think Egyptian Pharaohs would have smelled. Fresh, spicy, natural. 

Somptuous Dry Body Oil (Rituals of Atlas, Morocco - €36)
Papaya Puree (Ritual of Siam - €38)
Eau Egyptienne (Ritual of Luxor, Egypt - €49)
Everything Cinq Mondes

My overall conclusion is that these are very original products, all based on ancient formulas. This may sound a bit cheesy, but you can smell the country and their history in the bottle.
What I now really want is going to one of their spas. There is a Cinq Mondes spa in Brussels, but they also have the products at the Deep Nature spa.
I (we) could definitely use a little pampering after our exams!

Have you ever tried anything from Cinq Mondes?

Love, Rani


  1. I didn't know Cinq Mondes before, but the Papaya Puree smells and feels great!

  2. Leuk dat van die landen en tradities! Mooie foto's ook weer trouwens!


  3. Nooit van gehoord maar ziet er wel mooi uit !

  4. Het zien er leuke producten uit! Ik denk dat de Body Oil iets voor mij zou zijn want ik hou echt van een Marokkaanse touch. x

  5. wow such beautiful pics!!! need to try this products


  6. Wonderful review! Beautiful pictures! I love the bottles! They did a really nice job with packaging. :)

  7. Ik kende het merk nog niet, so thanks for sharing!

    x Krizia


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