September 30, 2016

Urban Decay - Fall 2016

I already showed you one part of the Urban Decay Fall 2016 Collection, the Moondust palette. What a beauty. Today I'm showing you the other new products. Lots of newness, lots of goodness!

All Nighter Foundation

The Urban Decay All Nighter foundation might be one of the most coveted foundation releases. I've seen people counting down the days till it was available. 

Wow, that coverage- this foundation is absolutely one of the most covering foundations I've ever seen. It's designed to be a foundation that can handle your nightly adventures, but also to be comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. The All Nighter contains a massive amount of pigment, about 3 times more than the Naked Skin Liquid Make-up (!), this is not a foundation that you can build from medium to full. It's always full coverage, and a little goes a looooong way. 1 pump is enough for my whole face.

The finish is completely matte, and might feel on some spots a bit dry. So I like to mix half of a drop of face oil in the foundation and mix it. I prefer using a beauty blender over a brush with this foundation, to smooth everything out. 

There are 24 shades, I got shade 4.0, which is medium-light with warm undertone. I'm a neutral to cool type, so this shade didn't match me unfortunately. If you're not sure about which shade fits you, I would definitely recommend going to a store near you to swatch them. Because I feel like the color tends to oxidate on your skin, so swatching them in store is best!

Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen

A waterproof Perversion eyeliner pen, that sounded really good to me and I'm all praise about this pen! You can work pretty detailed with it, so yes that sharp wing is an option! The pen absolutely earns the waterproof title. I tried it out during a day of shopping in wind and rain, my mascara smudged a bit, but not the eyeliner - score! On the eyelook above you can see that it's a very pigmented intense black.

Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner

The Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliners come in 20 shades with different finishes. I have 'Snakebite', a pretty metallic bronze copper hue. In my opinion the formula is a bit too wet, so you have to have a steady hand to create fine lines and the pigmentation is less than if it were a dryer formula. 

Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid

Finally! They're here! The Naked Skin color correctors!

There are 5 shades available:
- Green (corrects redness)
- Lavender (corrects a dull look)
- Pink (brightening effect for dark circles)
- Yellow (corrects a dull look)
- Peach (hides dark circles and discoloration)

I got the Pink corrector and I love what it does. It's quite covering actually, but blends in really well and it definitely brightens the under eye area. The formula uses pearly pigments and I feel like I can really notice that in the brightening effect. I like to use this very lightly before my concealer as a brightening, correcting base, that also makes my concealer 'hold' better. 

The Pro Brushes

Urban Decay brushes, the excitement! 
These beautiful brushes have gunmetal, brushed handles that are made from recycled aluminum. The hairs are synthetic, and are made from recycled bottles. I mean, can we give UD an applaus for just using recycled materials? And of course, synthetic hair instead of 'real' hair. Cruelty free - and synthetic hair is also easier to clean and holds less bacteria. 

The Finger

I loooove this brush! I have a similar brush from Zoeva (a concealer buffer), which I bought 3 times. I literally have 3 of those brushes, because that shape serves so many purposes. The Finger is a very welcome addition because it's a dense brush, so I can work controlled with it, very precise. It's called the finger because it's like working with your fingers, except you get the blown-out effect of a brush.

Detailed Smudger

Next to face brushes (12 in total), there also are eye brushes (11). The detailed smudger is one of them. It's perfect for blending and fading with precision, like creating a 'smoked out' look next to the lash line for example. 

Urban Decay - All Nighter Foundation in shade 4.0 (€36,50)
Urban Decay - Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen (€21)
Urban Decay - Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longer Liquid Eyeliner in Snakebite (€21)
Urban Decay - Naked Skin Correcting Fluid in Pink (€24,70)
Urban Decay - The Finger Brush (€26)
Urban Decay - Detailed Smudger Brush (€22)

There are absolute hits in this collection. I'm a huge fan of the waterproof eyeliner, the corrector and the brushes. The glitter galaxy Moondust palette is also part of this collection, you can find the review here

What's your favorite of this collection? Anything you're eyeing?

Love, Rani


  1. Amazing pictures! And Urban Decay did a great job on the design of these products, they all look really good! My favorite product is the liquid eyeliner, it has such a pretty color.

  2. Ik ben aan het twijfelen welke ik ga nemen van de kwasten, ik wil er heel graag eentje!
    Fantastisch dat ze gerecycleerde materialen hebben, u wil ik ze nog liever. :-)

  3. Just dying to try the foundation, see if it works for me.

  4. OKay I will Make a wishlist :D
    Say yes to the brushes and the foundation :)


  5. Zo benieuwd naar die foundation, jammer dat het je kleur niet is want had er graag een een full face mee gezien! Die brushes zien er trouwens supergoed uit, ga ik zeker eens checken de volgende keer in de ICI Paris.


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