September 14, 2016

Urban Decay - Moondust

Urban Decay launched a few very exciting products in their fall collection and for their 20th birthday, including a shimmery glitter palette: Moondust. I had to give this palette a post on it's own, because it's pure glittery, galaxy prettiness!


The box is absolutely gorgeous: a galaxy background with holographic effect and lettering. I actually think that I will keep the box for once and I never do that, even limited editions I toss out! The packaging of the palette itself is also really pretty: silver glitter with mirror lettering. The inside looks a bit more plastic, but it contains 8 glitter eyeshadows with 3D effect and a mirror on the other side - so who's complaining?

Colors: row 1

Specter: soft pink with glitters
Element: peach with pink undertone and glitters
Magnetic: purple with blue glitters
Lightyear: vivid green with glitters

Colors: row 2

Granite: gunmetal with colorful glitters
Lithium: brown with light reflecting 3D glitters
Vega: bright blue with glitters
Galaxy: smokey blue-grey with light reflecting 3D glitters

Review & Look

The Moondust palette contains 8 completely new shades. All perfectly aligned to the galaxy theme: a sparkling rainbow of a meteor shower!

The colors all have a decent pigmentation, Specter is the only one that is less pigmented. It's more of a sheen with glitter compared to the other colors. My personal favorites are Magnetic (gorgeous color), Galaxy (that true galaxy effect, wow!), Vega (just lost in that color) and Granite (those colored glitters give it that little extra). The glitters don't 'feel heavy' by the way, they're micro glitters, so no scratchy feeling!

The box actually says that they recommend applying Moondust with your fingers, and for extra intense payout you can apply it wet and blend out the edges with a dry brush. I actually just used a very creamy eyeshadow primer, and the glitters stuck well! There is some fallout, you have to be careful for that. I was baking my concealer under the eyes, so I just wiped the fallout away with the powder when I was done. For the look I dusted Specter on my brow bone for an extra sparkly effect, but as you can see, I got a little on my eyebrow as well - woops! So dusting is not the way to go with these eyeshadows. I would recommend using a flat brush and a good primer, or as the box says: apply it wet with some face mist (some of my favorite mists: Mac Fix+, Caudalie Grapewater, W7 The Fixer and Merci Handy Face Mist).

For the little look I used Element, a lot of Magnetic, Galaxy in the outer corners and I made little nebulas in my galaxy with Vega and Lightyear. 

Urban Decay - Moondust Eyeshadow Palette (€50)

If you're a glitter fan, you probably have been drooling all over these swatches. And I'm with you! All of the colors are quite wearable too -for glitter that is-, great to top of a look and give it some more edge.

What do you think about this palette?

Love, Rani


  1. My absolute favorite color from this palette is Galaxy, it's one of the most special colors I've seen in a palette. I also really love the design, UD did a great job on this one!

  2. Oh wauw die verpakking �� Dat is wel echt extreem mooi! En die kleuren ook! Ik breng ooglid kleurtjes altijd met m'n vinger aan eigenlijk :o

  3. Oooh my god! Hoe mooi zijn die! Dat is officieel het mooiste pallet wat ik al heb gezien! :o

    Love, Turn it inside out

  4. Element and Lithium really stand out for me.

  5. That is gorgeous rani!!!! BEautiful pictures! The palatte is so pretty I would be afraid to use it.

  6. Ik ben zwaar verliefd op die swatches!


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