September 29, 2016

Essie - Fall 2016

The Essie Fall 2016 collection is a representation of the colors of Tokyo. I've never been to Tokyo, but based on these colors it seems like a beautiful city. Now, let's look at the swatches!

Go Go Geisha

Starting of with my favorite(s) of the collection. Go Go Geisha is a beautiful dusty pink. Traditional blossom pink as it's described. Almost all colors in this collection cover perfectly in only two layers.

Udon Know Me

Udon Know Me is a mysterious gem-blue. A very cool toned, muted blue. Go Go Geisha and Udon Know Me seem to me fall like versions of the well known (often worn in spring) pastel pink and blue shades. 

Now And Zen

A timeless sage grey, that's Now And Zen.
A really cool color to combine in a monochrome outfit.

Playing Koi

Playing Koi is a rusty orange, one of the most special colors of this collection. The rusty orange makes me think about the falling of leaves, this truly is an autumnal shade (even in nature).

Maki Me Happy

This shade simply could not be missing from a fall collection, it's a carmine red. A hint of burgundy, but brighter. Very pretty!


The last one is Kimono-Over, a plum purple. It's pretty dark, which makes it the perfect addition to this fall collection, to bring in some edge.

Essie - Go Go Geisha, Udon Know Me, Now And Zen, Playing Koi, Maki Me Happy and Kimono-Over (€12,49)

It was very surprising that all of the nail polishes only need 2 coats. Especially light shades like Go Go Geisha often need 3 coats before they fully cover. The colors in this collection are not the most innovative, but it's a beautiful collection for sure. My favorites are: Go Go Geisha, Udon Know Me and Maki Me Happy. 

What are your favorites?

Love, Rani


  1. Udon Know Me is my absolute favorite of this collection. It's a really pretty and soft color! My other favorites are Kimono-Over and Go Go Geisha.

  2. Amazing colours, I love Kimono-Over

  3. Go go Geisha en Udon know me spreken me erg aan qua kleurtjes. Mooi!


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