April 1, 2016

Urban Decay - Naked

Urban Decay's original Naked palette might be one of the most well-known nude eyeshadow palettes. When it first launched it was quite revolutionary, a palette with only neutral colors? But it turned out to be exactly what the make-up world needed.

The first Naked palette has a brown suede like cover, with the name written in gold. As always the palette has a mirror and a double-sided brush. Do you know how this palette actually was created? It started when Wende asked her team which 4 neutral shades they would bring to an uninhabited island. After some long thinking they came to these 12 colors. Versatile and still all neutral. The palette has everything for a laid-back look to a full glam look - matte, shimmer,...  

Virgin: a cool satin light beige
Sin: a shiny champagne
Naked: a matte nude
Sidecar: a shiny beige with silver shimmers
Buck: a matte yellow-brownish color
Half Baked: a shiny gold/bronze

Smog: a shiny, deep copper/bronze
Darkhorse: a shiny deep mocha
Toasted: a metallic antique copper
Hustle: a satin brown, with plum undertone
Creep: a shiny onyx with gold shimmers
Gunmetal: a metallic darkgrey with silver shimmers

For the little look I used Half Baked in the inner corner of my eyes, Smog in the middle and Gunmetal in the outer corners.

Urban Decay - Naked (€51,90)

I get why Naked was hyped when it came out,and still is popular. The palette has everything, some mattes, some good crease colors, a few darker shades, shimmer,... It's a versatile palette and now I only need Naked 2 to fully complete my Naked collection. (Read my blogposts about Naked 3 here, and Naked Smoky here.)

And ooh guys, there is a 'Sin' highlighter in the Summer collection, based on the color Sin of this palette - it looks amazing!

Do you own a Naked palette, which one(s)? 

Love, Rani


  1. The look you made with Gunmetal and Half Baked is really beautiful! These are my favorite colors of this palette.

  2. Deze blijft mijn favoriet! Naked 2 is ook een fijntje, maar de originele blijft het gewoon hebben. En hij werkt voor zoveel mensen, dus dat bewijst wel de cultstatus, vind ik.

  3. Looks like such a pretty palatte!!! :) gorgeous pictures!

  4. I own this one & the smokey palette but I really want Naked 3 as well!

  5. Blijft een fantastisch palette, echt een musthave!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. A musthave for every beauty-addict.
    I own all the naked palettes, the two basics, Gwen stefani palette and some vice palettes.
    I guess I am an Urban Decay addict :D
    Lovely look you created!



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