November 5, 2015

Urban Decay - Naked 3

The Urban Decay Naked palettes have become incredibly famous and I even think they are the most well-known palettes. Today I'm showing you what shades the Naked 3 rose gold palette hides.

The packaging is the prettiest of all Naked palettes (except maybe for the new Naked Smoky). It has a tin wavy case, which is art-school inspired, with 'Naked 3' in gold. The palette is full of rose-hued neutrals, so the packaging is rose gold too, pretty! It also comes with the typical double-ended brush. 

The colors in the palette are:
Strange: a pale neutral pink matte-satin
Dust: a pale metallic pink shimmer with micro-glitter
Burnout: a light pinky-peach satin
Limit: a light dusty rose matte
Buzz: metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter
Trick: light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with micro-sparkle
Nooner: a medium pinky-brown matte
Liar: medium metallic mauve, with shimmer 
Factory: pinky-brown shade with satin finish
Mugshot: metallic taupe shimmer 
Darkside: deep taupe-mauve satin
Blackheart: a smoky black matte with a rosy red micro-sparkle

The overall pigmentation is amazing as you can see on the swatches. Urban Decay is one of the best when it comes to colors and pigmentation. The brown shades are among my favorites - especially from Liar to Darkside. I tend to use this palette with some fix+ on my brush to minimize the fallout that some shadows have.

Urban Decay - Naked 3 (€49,90)

I didn't really use pink shades that much, but this palette learned me how to combine them. Now I wear them more often, in combination with some of these darker shades. I kept it short because it's a palette that doesn't need much of a introduction. And now that I tried it, I can definitely see why it's so popular! Great colors, great pigmentation.

Do you have this palette? Do you have any of the Naked palettes?

Love, Rani


  1. The colors of this one are prettier than the other Naked palettes, I really like these pink shades!

  2. Lovely colors, this is a true classic.

  3. Dit palette moet ik in huis halen, de kleuren zien er perfect uit!

    x Karen

  4. I have this palette because I love the brand. But I am disappointed... Even with a primer I don't feel the pigmentation is that great... I was even thinking about selling it again because it does not make me happy :-( Sad Sad Sad... x

  5. Prachtig palette, alweer. Komt op de wishlist. ^^

  6. Oh wauw, ik vind dit zo'n mooie palette! Ik ga binnenkort naar Amerika en zit nog steeds te twijfelen tussen nummer 1, 2 of 3 om te kopen..

  7. AHHH it is so pretty!!!!!!! Love your pictures! And that bracelet is beautiful! Wonderful post rani!


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