March 21, 2016

Zoeva - Graphic Eyes + Box

What's new today? 
The Zoeva Graphic Eyes Box is new today, an exclusive limited edition box that contains 16 eye pencils. A true collector's item. Come on over because as usual I swatched them all for you!

The box is a beauty. It's very sturdy and has little +'s printed on the outside. It looks minimal and it's a box that would look good on any vanity. The inside is just as pretty arranged. 7 cool colored pencils on the left side, in the middle there are the black and white pencils in a cross, a little book with information, a Zoeva sharpener (always handy) and 7 warm toned pencils on the right. The box is stunning just to look at.

The 16 pencils contain 6 entirely new shades, and they're all gemstone inspired. Let's take a look at the swatches.

Taupe: Sophisticated grey with a swirl of brown. (Unapologetically glamorous.)

Mute: Intense charcoal grey with a matte finish. (On the rocks.)

Good Karma: Mermaid teal green with fine golden glitter. (Your everyday fortune cookie.)

Regency: Pearly purple. (Start your own tradition.)

New Jewels: Plummy purple with violet sparkles. (The allure of shimmer never fades.)

Cool Factor: Navy shimmer with a turquoise sparkle. (Let your freak flag fly.)

Mr. Marvelous: Black base with fine purple glitter. (2 parts heartbreaker, 1 part of madness.)

Black To Earth: Rich, matte black. (Smooth, but with a dark side.)

The Truth: Icy ivory with fine silver glitter. (Stars in her eyes.)

Myth: Pearly beige with a delicate metallic finish. (Seize the moment.)

Nude Reflection: Champagne beige with chrystal shimmer. (She loves the chrystal drops of the rain and toasts always with champagne.)

It's never over: Muted red with a matte finish. (Better than love.)

Opulence: Pearly cranberry red. (Bring out the rebel in you.)

Rock 'n Roll Bride: Dark brown infused with pink and red glitter. (Rocker boy meets princess girl.)

Glance: Metallic bronze with a coppery shimmer. (More dazzling than deadly.)

After The Disco: Light catching gold with fine silver glitter. (Glitter back.)

How pretty are the colors? There is so much variety, from very bold shades (like Good Karma) to subtle color statements (like Nude Reflection). The formula is very creamy and smooth. It applies very easy and the color payoff is a dream, so pigmented. The formula is also waterproof and long wearing.

You can build any eyelook that you want with these, from romantic chic to an edgy dark look. For my eyelook I was inspired by this look by the amazing Linda Hallberg. I used Mr. Marvelous on my lower lash line, upper lash line and a big part of my lid. Because the texture is so creamy, you can actually use it on your lid and just blend it out, you won't even feel it's there. I also used The Truth as an accent color, and black Inglot eyeshadow to finish of the look.

Zoeva - Graphic Eyes+ Box Vol. 2 (€79)

This box is a musthave addition for anyone who likes to be creative with eye looks. These sparkling gemstone hues are a source of inspiration, and I love to work with them. Since I got these, I work way more with eye pencils. The Graphic Eyes+ Box is available from today and is limited, so hurry if you want it!

What do you think about this box? 
What's your favorite color?

Love, Rani


  1. This box is amazing! It has a cool design and all the colors are so pretty! Mr. Marvelous and After The Disco are my favorites of the box. You also did such a beautiful look with Mr. Marvelous!

  2. Die zijn zo mooi! En wow, uw ooglook is sehr schön!

    Bisous, Shannen

  3. Jeetje wat een mooie box is dit zeg!! Good job ZOEVA!

  4. OMG hoe mooi is dat! En die ooglook staat u gorgeoussss!

  5. That packaging, those colors, your look <3
    Love it all!
    I really want this but it doesn't fir in my budget right now :(


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