July 31, 2015


inglot freedom palette

I have been on a continuous quest for the perfect palette. I really like black, grey and blue - but there was no palette that 100% fitted me. Then someone told me about the Freedom System of Inglot, and I really wanted to try it out. 
Guys, meet my dream palette!

The Freedom System literally gives you a lot of freedom, the freedom to mix and match your own palette! There are 22 types of palettes, so you have a lot of different palette arrangements to choose from. You can not only create eyeshadow palettes, but you can make your own perfect palette including blushes, concealer, eyebrow powder, bronzer, pressed powders and even lipstick. For my first (and hopefully not the last) palette, I only went for eyeshadows: all of my favorite colors in one palette.

You have to purchase the palette, and then you can buy single eyeshadows to fill the palette. Full palettes can be very expensive to buy at once. So I think this is a perfect system for students too, because you can buy a new color whenever you like. They are also not expensive at all, €7 for a square of 2,8 grams. 

The palette works with magnets, like most palettes, so the separate eyeshadows click very easily into it and no worries, they won't fall out. I clicked one in at a wrong square first and slightly panicked, but it's very easy to remove the pan with a needle. The palette also closes with magnets, it has a very pretty design.

inglot freedom palette

inglot freedom palette

First row: 447 (Pearl) - 426 (Pearl) - 428 (Pearl) - 321 (Matte) - 391 (Matte)
Bottom row: 373 (Matte) - 36 (Shine) - 23 (Shine) - 451 (Pearl) - 498 (Double Sparkle)

I made a mix of different finishes: pearl, matte, shine and even a double sparkle. I love combining different finishes in one eyelook. To me this is the perfect color combination: some black, some white, some blue and a lot of grey. There barely are any palettes that only contain these colors. (Actually, I didn't found any.) So I'm happy that I welcomed this one in the make-up family.

inglot eyeshadow swatches

inglot eyeshadow swatches

inglot eyeshadow swatches

The reason why I went for Inglot instead of another brand (like MAC for example) is because I read on some other blogs that Inglot eyeshadows have great pigmentation. That made me very curious. Now look at these swatches: so good! I have a lot of palettes from which I can say that they are well pigmented, but these are just crazy pigmented. Seeing these swatches again makes me want to order a new palette, with all kinds of colors.

I also got a make-up bag, and it's pretty big. This is perfect for girls that have a lot of products that they use daily and have a dorm room for example. (In Belgium we don't stay a full semester at school, we go home every weekend.) Big and easy to take with you. And pretty too, in the silver shade with metal/silver details!

Inglot - Make-up Bag (€20)
Inglot - Freedom Palette, consists of:
Freedom System Palette 10 (€18)
Freedom System Eyeshadow Square (€7 each)

I ordered this online on the website, but if you want to swatch some colors first, there is a brandstore in Hasselt (Belgium) and in Amersfoort (The Netherlands + Amsterdam, Cosmania store).

This palette is an absolute hit. I'm sure that this will become one of my most used palettes, since I chose and love every single color. I already am thinking about ordering a new one, one with other colors that I don't own yet. Some green, a few purples, maybe even some hot pink!

Have you ever tried out anything from Inglot?

Love, Rani


  1. So many beautiful colors! And it's such a cool system!

  2. Wat een pigmentatie! Misschien ga ik ook aan een kleiner palet beginnen. Supermooi!

  3. Wow de pigmentatie ziet er inderdaad echt fantastisch uit! Ik sta een beetje twijfelachtig tegenover nieuwe merken te proberen maar misschien moet ik toch eens naar Hasselt gaan ;-)

    x Karen

  4. Ik ben zelf ook fan van Inglot (ben er vandaag nog eens binnengesprongen). Ik heb een palet van 20 kleurtjes waar ik héél tevreden van ben. Ze hebben nu ook een flexibel palet zonder vakjes, zodat je naar hartelust kan combineren!


  5. OMG JAAA! Ik wil die :D Echt prachtige kleurtjes ook, heel goede keuze gemaakt! Je hebt me sowieso overtuigd :D
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  6. Wauw! Wat een pracht palette! Zooo mooi!

  7. Ooohh die kleuren zijn purrfect!

  8. wauw wat een prachtige kleuren en wat heb je hem mooi samengesteld! ik ben fan!

  9. Hoi..

    Wat een ontzettende prachtige kleuren! Ik zit zo rond te scrollen/lezen op jouw blog. maar wat een mooie blog heb jij zeg!! Vooral de foto's...Welke camera gebruik jij?

    Groetjes Annemieke

    1. Ah super lief, zo leuk om te horen!
      Ik gebruik een Nikon D3000! :)


  10. Ik werk in Hasselt maar ik spring eigenlijk nooit binnen bij de Inglot store. Jammer, want als ik dit zie, heb ik wel goesting om nog eens langs te gaan :D. Prachtige kleuren!


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