March 24, 2016

Kenzoki - Moisturizing Serum

My first encounter with Kenzoki, the skincare range by Kenzo, is this moisturizing serum. I've tried it this winter, because winter skin always needs a bit extra love and especially hydration. 

The Kenzoki Moisturizing Skin Guardian Serum, as it's fully called, is a hydration concentrate and should have a replumping and refreshing effect. The packaging looks pretty and fresh - a beautiful white and baby blue box with the Lotus on it, and the plastic bottle is double walled and holds the serum in a baby blue center.

The formula contains Wild Pansy to boost the natural hydration mechanisms and to quench skin cells. Japanese Lily Of The Valley traps water, and on top of that the soothing power of the White Lotus plant essence protects against free radicals. The White Lotus plays an important role, because this is what the line by Kenzoki is called. It also has other skincare products next to this serum.

The serum comes in a blue gel sorbet form that immediately gets absorbed. The second ingredient on the ingredient list is glycerine, so my skin felt a bit tight when I used it alone. The best thing is to pair it with a good moisturizer and you can just feel your skin getting hydrated. It has a nice scent to it, not annoying, not overwhelming, a nice soft scent.

Kenzoki - Moisturizing Skin Guardian Serum (€51,15)

Serums are always a tad more expensive, so the price is not too high. My Kiehl's serum is around the same price. The serum definitely does what it should do -when you pair it with a moisturizer- and keeps my skin hydrated for about 5-6 hours. The gel formula feels nice and gets immediately absorbed. It's a great serum for those who feel like their moisturizer just isn't doing enough. 

Do you use a serum?

Love, Rani


  1. I use an intense hydrating serum by filorga :)
    But I have been using the kenzoki products for a while now.. I have the Belle de jour overnight mask and the lips to Kiss balm.. I'm crazy about this brand!


  2. I actually didn't know Kenzo had a skincare line, but i really love the packaging : very young and clean. And you made some amazing pictures!

  3. Zo leuk, ik heb Kenzo skincare nog nooit geprobeerd, maar het wekt wel mijn interesse!

  4. Sounds really great!


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