March 20, 2016

Lipstick Queen - Saint or Sinner

Poppy King created a Saint and a Sinner line of lipstick, which both have the same shades - but you can choose whether you feel like a sinner or a saint.
Good idea? Great idea!

The difference between the Saints and Sinners is the pigment. Saints are sheer and only contain 10% pigment to give you a hint of color, whereas the Sinners are 90% pigment and opaque in texture.

The Saints come in pretty golden cases, and the Sinners have a black edgy case. The cases are quite small, but contain 3,5 grams of lipstick. Around the normal size. And of course as always, the Lipstick Queen boxes look also pretty cool. One side says Lipstick Queen, one side says Saint/Sinner, then you have the ingredients and the last side has the name of the color on it. (As you can see on the photos.)

So I didn't pick out the same color in both Saint and Sinner. I went for a bright pink hue called 'Bright Rose' for the sheer Saint lipstick. But Poppy, even when you do little pigment, it's still quite pigmented! Saint gives a nice wash of color on the lips, definitely not too sheer. 

Sinner is indeed a fully opaque lipstick, it's pigmented and has a demi-matte finish. 'Wine Sinner' is a beautiful merlot with a hint of berry. Definitely a 'Rani-color', and definitely one that will find it's way to my handbag often.

Lipstick Queen - Saint in Bright Rose (€26)
Lipstick Queen - Sinner in Wine Sinner (€29)

Both colors and textures are lovely and the (not so) sheerness of Saint surprised me.

Are you a Saint or a Sinner?
I'm definitely more of a sinner, um well, I mean in Lipstick Queen lipsticks of course.

Love, Rani


  1. The Wine Sinner is my favorite, it's such a beautiful strong color. I thought the Bright Rose would be too light but it looks great too!

  2. These are SO gorgeous - I love the whole idea of getting to decide whether you want to be a saint or a sinner with each lipstick purchase! I've saved this so next time I go on a beauty haul I can have a peek at these!

    Steph -

  3. I'm more of a saint, I like sheer lipsticks.. Lovely how two colors that are the same can look so different. I like!


  4. These are both stunning lipsticks - I think I'd saw more towards the Sinner side though simply because I'm a sucker for a dark berry lip! x


  5. Gorgeous pictures rani!!! Those look like such gorgeous shades


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