January 11, 2016

Zoeva - Spectrum Blushes

Today Zoeva launched the Spectrum Collection. A collection with a spectrum of colors, just like a raindrop breaks the light of the sun into a spectrum of infinite hues. The rainbow is one of the most beautiful wonders of the universe. An ode to Mother Nature. 

What an opening right? 

Zoeva's Spectrum collection exists out of 3 eyeshadow palettes and 3 blush palettes for all skin types. I'm going to show two of each, but today Zoeva also launched 10 new brushes! So I'm also showing you 3 of the new brushes. because this post would be too long, I split it in two: blush and brushes today, the eyeshadow palettes tomorrow!

10 new brushes are added today, that brings the count to over 60 Zoeva brushes. The brush handles are made of wood with six layers of lacquer. The hair is a mix of natural and synthetic hair. 

There are some more expensive brushes too this time, the most expensive one costs almost €30, which surprised me a bit. I might get this one to try out, because I'm very curious now. The brushes that I got are the regular Zoeva price. 

240 / Luxe Petit Crease

Small, tapered eye brush
Natural-synthetic hair
For detail work and accents

This little brush is perfect for detailed work around the crease. Because of the tiny pencil shaped tip it's perfect for eyeshadow application in the crease, blending edges or shading around the lash line.

134 / Luxe Powder Fusion

Big, conical eye brush for shading and blending
Natural-synthetic hair

The 134 Luxe Powder Fusion brush is the perfect little helper to create smooth transitions, ombre effects, and just blend your eyeshadow. It's also big enough to apply your highlighter.

 130 / Luxe Contour Definer

Innovative contour brush specifically designed for the chin and nose area
Natural-synthetic hair
Precise defining and contouring

The 130 Luxe Contour Definer was precisely adjusted to the nose and chin. You can see this on how the hairs are placed. But I also use it to blend the contour on my cheekbones a bit.

 Time for the blushes! There are 3 palettes: Pink, Nude and Coral Spectrum. I have Coral and Nude Spectrum, my two favorites.

The Nude Spectrum palette has 4 bronze shades with matte and satin finishes. This palette originates from the luminosity of the sun, pretty right? You can also use these blushes as bronzer to warm up your face. 

Nude Spectrum is my favorite blush palette because I love peachy and warm blushes. The pigmentation is really good as you can see, and buildable. You can easily control the intensity.

The Coral Spectrum palette features a joyful burst of color. This palette captures the beauty of lush, tropical reefs and reveals an array of 4 fresh tones from light peach to coral pink. 

The blushes are again satin to matte and easily buildable. Zoeva says all these palettes (including Pink Spectrum) are perfect for warm or medium skin types, but I personally think these palettes have very universal colors.  My favorite is CR030, because it kinda looks like Benefit's Coralista, but with much better pigmentation.

Zoeva - 240/ Luxe Petit Pencil (€8,50)
Zoeva - 134/ Luxe Powder Fusion (€10,50)
Zoeva - 130/ Luxe Contour Definer (€16,80)

Zoeva - Nude Spectrum Blush Palette (€17,80)
Zoeva - Coral Spectrum Blush Palette (€17,80)

All I can say is yes! The colors of the blushes are all so pretty, there is good mix between matte and satin finishes and the pigmentation is amazing. The brushes are nice additions, my favorite is the contour brush, because it's really easy to contour the jawline and chin, but I also use it to blend my cheek contour a bit. I'm personally also curious about the new bigger ones. I miss a big, fluffy powder brush, and they have one now!

What do you think about these products? Anything that you would like to try?

Love, Rani


  1. I love the packaging of this collection, it looks so cool! The color of the blushes are great too, I also really like the nude on.

  2. Wauw, wat een prachtige kleuren en die kwasten lijken me echt fijn!

  3. Ohhh wat een prachtige kleuren zeg, die pigmentatie ♥ En de borstels lijken me erg fijn in gebruik. Alweer een prachtige fotoreeks Rani!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  4. Wederom weer prachtige foto's! En de palettes zien er ook heel goed uit! Ben benieuwd hoe ze op de huid staan!

  5. Zooo mooi! Ze zijn wel heel roze, die blushes, de kwaliteit ziet er geweldig uit maar ik weet niet of roze mij zo geweldig staat.

  6. Oohh mooi! Ik wil graag zo’n blush palette halen!

  7. Gorgeous photos!!!! Looks like such great palattes and brushes

  8. Wow those blush palettes are so gorgeous!
    I just have to buy it :D


  9. THANK YOU!!! You're the only person I've seen actually blog about the products.

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