January 7, 2016

Balmain - Brush, Mask & Spray

These photos were shot a long, long time ago. I didn't really liked them, so I kept stalling posting this blogpost because I wanted to take some new pictures. But I never got to it, because there always are new collections and products to shoot. And since it's haircare, words are more important than photos. So I'm showing you some Balmain hair products today.

A very pretty brush, volume spray and repair mask!
All of the Balmain products look simple and elegant, just what I like.

I really wanted to try the brushes out, and I got the hair extension brush. Yes, my hair is very long, but there aren't any extensions. When I use the brush on my hair it gives a bit of electricity, but it's for extensions, not hair, so I don't really know how it works on extensions. All I can say about this brush is that it looks really pretty. The bristles are soft and very flexible. I will probably go for another brush, because I need a pretty brush like this in my life. And they have a golden (actual gold) limited edition brush that just screams my name.

A repair mask always comes in handy. Especially in this season of cold (well, "cold") weather. Hair gets electric, hair is blown in every direction by chilly wind,... A repairing/moisturizing mask could be a savior. This mask needs to be used on towel dry hair, massaged in and after 5-10 minutes rinsed off thoroughly. 

The Balmain repair mask smells really good. It's a nice mask that gives a healthy feeling and look to your hair. Maybe I would rename it to moisturizing mask, because that effect is much more visible than the repairing part. The mask contains organic Argan oil, which delivers shine and softness.

 Hello definitely-made-my-top-3-of-favorite-hair-products-of-2015, Texturizing spray!
The Balmain Texturizing Volume Spray is amazing. I normally have the flattest hair ever. It has almost no volume at the top and it's long and sleek. I used so many texturizing sprays, but all they did was grease up my hair. So I just stopped using them. But I saw this one, and I gave it a shot. And boy, am I glad I did - it's simply amazing. And I think the photos speak for themselves. I got so much compliments on my hair on the blogpost on the right. To me, this is a miracle worker, so happy I discovered this one.

Balmain - Hair Extension Brush (€16,30)
Balmain - Moisturizing Repair Mask (€34,04)
Balmain - Texturizing Volume Spray (€34,04)

I use the volume spray so often, and on every special occasion. I don't normally recommend products this strongly, but if you have flat hair and want some volume, you're going to love (and need) this spray.

Have you ever tried anything from Balmain Hair?

Love, Rani


  1. I get why you love the volume spray so much, it has a great effect on your hair! And the brush is really pretty!

  2. Your hair is gorgeous rani!!!! Beautiful pictures!!!!

  3. This hair brush allows free circulation of air in order to speed up blow drying. hair straightener


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