December 27, 2015

December Unboxing

The boxes did not disappoint this month. Styletone was filled with festive make-up, perfect for the holidays and Deauty had a box full of products that you use on a daily base. 

The theme of this months Styletone box was 'Shimmer Chic', a box that is perfect for the holidays. 

What was in the box?
1) Starlooks - Luxe Longer Eyeliner Pen (Full Size - €18,50)
The eyeliner was supposed to be in "eggplant", a purple color. But it's actually more of a very dark brown (with a hint of berry), pretty too! It's also very pigmented and lasts pretty long. 

2) Hikari Cosmetics - Eyeshadow Quad (Full Size - €14,50)
I  have the eyeshadow quad in "Halle" and it looks a lot (a lot, a lot!) like Inglot's fall palette. That's why I didn't swatch it. I will make someone else happy with this pretty quad.

3) Paese - Nail Lacquer (Full Size - €6)
I got the nail polish in a red, sparkling color. On the nails it's more of a dark purple, which turns from red to black in different lighting. It also dries really quick.

4) Pil'aten - Black Head Pore Strip (Full Size - €10)
There were 5 of the well known blackhead masks in the box, I gave these to my boyfriend, because he sometimes has blackheads. Very curious if they work well!

5) Gleam (By Melanie Mills) - Body Radiance (Full Size - €15)
Highlighters? Yes please! In my very first box I got a So Susan highlighter, which was amazing. This one is a golden liquid highlighter, but not really a highlighter as we know it. It has to be massaged into your skin for glowy, bronzed shoulders/décolleté. (It smells really good too by the way.)

What a pretty and full box! The perfect holiday make-up box. This really was a good box, I'm as happy with this one as I was with my very first box!

This Deauty box is also one of my favorites so far, it has a lot of products that I will use!

What was in the box?
1) Ultra Doux Body - Intense Repairing Butter (200ml, Full Size - €4,99)
This is my favorite product of the box because it smells heavenly! It smells like a fruit dessert with the honey and peach - so, so good! 

2) Faby - Nail Polish (5ml, Sample)
I never tried Faby, even though it's a well known nail polish brand. So I'm curious to try it out.

3) Batiste - Dry Shampoo (50ml, Full Size - €2,49)
 Yes! I love Batiste Dry Shampoo! Bit sad that it isn't a bigger size though.

4) MeMeMe - Eyeliner Pencil (Full Size - €6,90)
MeMeMe is a brand that I also sell on my own webshop, so I do have quite some experience with it. An eyeliner pencil is always handy. I always use a pencil to tightline. 

5) Cattier Paris - Anti-Aging Cream (50ml, Full Size - €24,99)
A product that I will pass on to my parents.

( Extra: 6) Carven - EDT Sample)

What I love about this box is that it has essentials, everyone can use a black eyepencil, dry shampoo, body butter and nail polish. And this is a box that I will use completely (except for the anti-aging cream, but my parents will use it). 

Deauty - December '15 Box (€16,95)

One of the best months when it comes to the monthly boxes. Deauty and Styletone both made me very happy when they came in the mail!

What would you like to try?

Love, Rani


  1. Thank you for the pore strip! So of course I'm very curious about it, I can't wait to try it out. And I really like your pictures this season with the lights and snow!

  2. Ik ben niet dol enthousiast over de Deauty box. Het is een leuke inhoud en ik kan het allemaal wel gebruiken, maar ik had niet iets meer glamour verwacht van de december box.

  3. Mooie foto's, en hele leuke boxen inderdaad. Ik heb een abo voor kerst gevraagd!


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