December 26, 2015

Benefit - Party To The Peepers!

Benefit has all these pretty Christmas gift boxes, and today I'm showing you the 'Party To The Peepers!' box. And Benefit and I are giving away 4 of these sets on Instagram today! (@iamafashioneer)

The box itself is really cute. Fun and festive with the purple, polkadot and balloons. It's also fully made of metal, so perfect to keep and stock some bits and bobs! 

In the box are 3 Creaseless Color Washes and a little They're Real mascara. The They're Real mascara is one of Benefit's best known products, and I already reviewed it once (a loooong time ago). So let's just keep it to: it's good!

The 3 Creaseless Color Washed were something completely new to me. That's because they only come in this Christmas box. One of the reasons why I really like this set, it has exclusive products that aren't even sold separately throughout the year.  

The colors from the set are Peachy Party, Honey Talks and Go Taupeless.

The color washes can be used as eyeshadow, but they're even more. Honey Talks is my favorite because I love to use this on my brow bone as a lifting highlight. It gives a glow and not a sparkle, so perfect to highlight there! But I also use Honey Talks as a base sometimes, because a tad of the cream is a perfect neutralizer. Peachy Party is a pretty color which I mostly use as eyeshadow. Tip: dap it on with the fingers for a more intense effect. And Go Taupeless is the perfect crease color. 

Benefit - Party To The Peepers (€25,15)

This set is so cute and perfect for the holidays. But, Benefit and I are giving away 4(!) of these sets!
Quickly go to my Instagram (@iamafashioneer) to enter the giveaway!
Good luck ladies!

What do you think of this eye kit?

Love, Rani


  1. The eye kit is so cute! I'm always a really big fan of the benefit packagings!

  2. Ik heb al meegedaan. Ik ben heel benieuwd, ik dacht al dat ik die tubetjes nog niet eerder had gezien ;-)

  3. wat zien deze verpakkingen er mooi uit!

  4. Wat een leuk setje! Ik heb de advent set gekregen van mijn ouders. :-)


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