October 28, 2015

Inglot - Fall Collection '15

I was so wrong when I said the Pretty Day & Night Clarins collection would (probably) be the last fall collection. Urban Decay came and now Inglot. I think this is the last fall collection of this year, will it be any good? 

The fall collection is pretty big, there are 12 products in it: nail polishes, a blush/highlight palette, highlighters, an eyeshadow palette, some lipsticks, lip glosses, eye pencil, lip pencil and a mascara. (Full collection here.)

I got the liquid highlighter, palette and lip liner, so that's what we will be reviewing today!

Let's start with the pearl (in my opinion) of the products: the eyeshadow palette. 

Inglot always has great eyeshadows and this palette is again fantastic. A palette made with the freedom system. I have to say that I really like the colors, the mustard is my favorite. I didn't have any mustard color yet and I love to make looks with this one. It's really special. The two brown colors are also stunning, especially 43 - that shimmer! (368 is matte, 403 pearl, 609 double sparkle and 43 is shine.)

This pigmentation is great, even the matte shade. They all need the lightest touch to give off full color. That's just Inglot as I know it.

The soft precision lip liner in color 56 is a real fall shade, brownish-red. It has a soft, creamy texture and the pigmentation is good. Not much to say about it, it's a fine lip pencil.

Ooh highlighter time! 
This one is a pink one: the AMC face and body illuminator in 63. It's a subtle highlighter that gives a nice glow with microshimmers. But sadly it's a bit too pink for me. (Do they have it in a champagne tint? Googling right now. They do! Well kinda, they have a yellow and silver one - and so many other highlighters that I haven't tried yet! I need to get my hands on some!) 

Okay, back to the highlighter. You can mix this with your body lotion, use it for strobing or as the finishing touch for your eyelook. Liquid highlighters are versatile, especially when they are subtle like this one and not too shiny. But it's also buildable, so if you dab it on, you can make the glow more intense.

Inglot - Fall '15 Eyeshadow Palette (€33)
Inglot - Soft Precision Lip Liner in 56 (€10)
Inglot - AMC Face & Body Illuminator in 63 (€18)

Yep, again a pretty collection. 
The palette is my favorite. Great pigmentation and pretty fall colors. I do like the formula of the highlighter, so I really want to try the yellow and silver one.

What do you think about this collection? 
Do you like pink highlighters and mustard eyeshadows?

Love, Rani


  1. The palette is amazing! I didn't expect the colors to be this beautiful!

  2. Allereerst wil ik even zeggen dat ik echt super vind hoe je deze producten geshoot hebt. Het oogschaduw palette is een musthave!

    x Karen

  3. Ok that's it. I have tried so many times not to, but I have finally failed.
    I am going to put in my first Inglot order
    Damn you and your blog!
    Just kidding, I love it ;-)

  4. I just fell in love woth this collection :o
    so beautiful :o
    And such great pictures.. AGAIN! :D


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