December 29, 2015

Winter Sun & Glitter Tights

Sunny outfit photos are not usually the best idea, but I build this whole look around my Calzedonia leopard glitter tights - so I just needed to shoot these in the sun to show you that pretty sparkle!

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Glitter Leopard Tights - Calzedonia

You know I have a very minimalistic black and white style, and I'm pretty sure you would have never expected to see sparkly leopard glitter tights one here. But when I saw Calzedonia's holiday collection I just needed to get my hands on a pair of those tights! There are a lot of different styles like bunny stockings, glitter leggings, thigh-highs, tights with rhinestones,... It's such a playful and fun collection - I just had to have a pair. 

I love glitter and funny prints, but I do reserve this normally for my homewear. (When I'm at home I'm a sparkly ball of Hello Kitty fluffiness.) But I liked these tights so much, I challenged myself to integrate them in a look. So I took them home. I build this look beginning from the tights, I wanted a clean look with the only popping piece being the tights. So I went for a simple minimal dress, with a black coat. And I was really happy with the result, it's a wearable look with leopard, glittery tights!

My glittery babies are also perfect for New Year's Eve. I would go for a black dress again, but a little black dress. Tighter and higher above the knees than this one. Than just putting my glitter eyeliner and tights on and ready for a sparkling night!

What do you think about the Calzedonia holiday collection, are you eyeing something? And do you like this outfit?

Love, Rani


  1. I just looked at their holiday collection and they really have some pretty tights. But the one you are wearing look great on you! And the whole outfit is so beautiful!

  2. Ik vind het echt super hoe je het gecombineerd hebt, niet makkelijk! Heel tof!


  3. Wow! I love the socks and the bag!
    Nice outfit btw

  4. Omg I love glitter tights! But I'm always scared my dog will get caught with his nails and ruin them :o (I want those over the knee glitter socks by the way <3 )

  5. Ohh die kousen zijn super tof! Mooi gecombineerd ook!

  6. Those thights are so pretty! Very festive and can cheer up any outfit! Love them <3

  7. Ik ben meteen helemaal fan van jouw stijl, geweldige schoenen! Prachtig tasje! Ik vind het allemaal mooi :D


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