October 9, 2015

How I Organize My Make-up - Part 2

An update on how I organize my make-up!

I'm  a little obsessed with organizing my make-up. And I'm never fully satisfied with how the drawers turn out. That's why I'm just updating these posts, because it might take some time before everything is placed just as I want it. (Will it ever? I hope so.)

I will also write with every photo where the organizers come from, most are from Ikea, Ferrero Rocher (yep, good reason to get some chocolates!), Hema and Nomess

The first drawer in my left Alex is the 'everyday drawer'. 
I keep my moisturizer, concealer, brushes, foundation, well the daily make-up here. I also have eye creams and other creams stashed in the back, but you can't see it on the photo.

Storage: Ikea Godmorgon (first organizer), Hema (q-tips), Flying Tiger (brushes) and Ferrero Rocher (moisturizer).

My second drawer is the drawer where I keep my high-end palettes. I also have some blushes and bronzers here.

Storage: Nomess (Dior and the organizer divided in three), Ferrero Rocher and Ikea Godmorgon (the one with the YSL and Chanel palettes).

The third drawer is not finished as you can see, I have a few highlighters and I want to expand the collection, so I think this will be a highlighter-only drawer in the future.

Storage: Zeeman (highlighters), Ferrero Rocher (Dior), Flying Tiger.

The fourth drawer is half palettes: my Inglot, three Zoevas, three Urban Decays and my Nude Dude. I also keep my eye pencils here and the cool toned liquid eyeshadows. I also have some Givenchy bronzers here and a few brushes that I don't use that often.

Storage: Flying Tiger (palettes), Ferrero Rocher (bronzer+eye pencils) and Hema (liquid eyeshadows).

The last drawer houses my budget lipsticks and my nail polishes. The lipstick organizer is made with Ikea 'Hofta's, drawer dividers. You can make any shape that you want.

Storage: Ikea Hofta (lipstick), Ikea Godmorgon (nail polishes) and Hema (nail polishes square).

On to the next Alex! This is one of my favorite drawers because it's so colorful. It has my lip glosses,  lipliners, lipstick in pencil shape and a few other lip products like balm and primer. It also has a few of my ABH products and my 5 Smith & Cult nail polishes in the back.

Storage: Ikea Godmorgon (ABH), Flying Tiger (lip liners), Hema (everything else).

Again an unfinished drawer. I don't really know where to put these things so I have put them together in this drawer for now. 

Storage: Ikea Godmorgon (foundations, Benefit and Guerlain) and Hema (Dior nail polishes).

My (high and mid end) lipstick drawer! This one is my favorite of course. Here we have some The Balm, Zoeva, Clinique, Givenchy, Gerard Cosmetics, Estée Lauder, Guerlain, Clarins, YSL, Dior, Inglot, Chanel, Urban Decay, Illamasqua, Lipstick Queen, Collistar,... 

But also some liquid lipsticks from the Balm and Gerard Cosmetics. There are a few lipsticks that don't fit in the lipstick holders, so I just (temporarily) put them in the Ikea organizer. These are Burberry, Lipstick Queen and Tom Ford. 

Storage: AliExpress (lipstick), Ikea Godmorgon (Burberry, Tom Ford) and Hema (The Balm).

Storage: Ikea Godmorgon (biggest organizer), Zeeman, Hema (sharpeners and cream eyeshadow) and Nomess (liquid eyeshadows).

This all might seem so little because you can stash a lot in an Alex. My lip products for example count 17 pencils, 23 glosses, 84 lipsticks and 6 liquid lipsticks and as you can see there is more than room enough for more! But as I compare it to my previous 'How I Organize My Make-up' post, it has grown quite a lot! 
I'll probably do an update again after the holiday season. All those christmas collections, holiday giftcards, I just can't resist it!

How do you organize your make-up at the moment?

Love, Rani


  1. Oh my god!!!! Wil ik oooook :-D

  2. So much make-up! But the way you organized everything is really pretty!

  3. OMG, verliefd op je spullen en wauw alles zo netjes...Ik zat met een open mond naar beneden te scrollen :P

  4. This is some serious inspiration - I love how everything is clean and clearly laid-out despite there being a lot of stuff. The clear acrylic dividers are amazing and I love the dish you have for the Jo Malone fragrances :) xx

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  5. Jaloersmakend mooi! Heb je het bovenblad ook bij Ikea gekocht?

  6. Waarvan is die pot met uw kwasten op uw bureau? It's a pretttyyy pot haha

  7. Waaauw, ziet er super uit! Als ik op mezelf woon wil ik het ook zo mooi opbergen haha :)


  8. Wow!! You are so organized!! I have unorganized chaos. Totally jelly!

  9. Ik heb de alex lade ook gekocht, maar mijn tafelblad is een stuk breder dan mijn laden. Welke tafelblad heb jij?

  10. You used the ikea white draw dividers to make that lipstick holder? Did you have to cut down the height to keep the lipsticks from falling in too deep?

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