October 8, 2015

Essie - Fall '15 Collection

Today I have another fall collection for you. This time nail polish only: the Essie fall '15 collection called 'Taking Center Stage'!

There are 6 colors in this collection, three colors that are red toned and three with sparkles. 

The colors are all very autumnal, and the sparkling nail polishes are even perfect for the holidays. 

The first one is a bright orangy-red called 933 Color Binge. And it literally is a color binge, it's bright and vibrant. A color that sets the transition from summer to fall. 

The other two reds are a bit cooler. The red one is called 'With The Band' and the purple one is called 'In The Lobby'. At first I thought that In The Lobby was a dupe for Be Dior, and in one coat it is, but two coats make the nail polish a lot darker. I painted my pinky nail in one coat and the ring finger in two coats so you can see the difference. The first two nails are in With The Band. 
Both are perfect fall colors.

Two very pretty, sparkling and festive colors: Leggy Legend (gold) and Bell-Bottom Blues (blue). These cover well and have a very pretty sparkle and shine. 

Frock 'n Roll, the darkest of this collection. It's a purple/brown color with silver sparkles, definitely a big fan of this one!

I also got the 'All In One': a base, top coat and strengthener in one. I already got one like this from OPI, so I was very curious about the Essie one. And I like it, it's so much more handy - I really like the all in one formula.

Essie - Nail Polish in Color Binge, With The Band, In The Lobby, Leggy Legend, Bell-Bottom Blues and Frock 'n Roll (€10,99)
Essie - All In One (base, top coat and strengthener) (€11,90)

My favorite colors are Frock 'n Roll and Leggy legend. I already wore Frock 'n Roll a few times and it's definitely my absolute favorite from this collection. 

(This will also be the last time with crappy nail swatches, because I now got better lighting, yay!)

I'm already looking forward to the winter collection, what would you like for this collection?

Love, Rani


  1. Frock 'N Roll is also my favorite of this collection. It's something different, I really like this color!

  2. Essie zijn mijn favorieten lakjes en wat een prachtige kleuren heb je, vooral de drie rode tinten vind ik erg mooi!!

  3. Met één laagje lijkt de Lobby inderdaad op Be dior. Ik heb deze nu ook hihi! Ik vind de goude kleur ook wel mooi!

    x Karen

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  5. I like Frock 'n Froll a lot :D
    Ohmygaaaawd! I got to have it :D

  6. Gorgeous pictures as always Rani!!! I love the blue!!!! Soo pretty!

  7. Just love the leggy legend 😍

  8. Ahh wauw, wat een toffe kleurtjes zeg, hele leuke collectie! :)


  9. Die laatste 3 zijn mijn favorieten!


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