August 25, 2015


Planet Parfum is a walhalla for make-up addicts like me. You've never seen a haul here, but I always like shoplogs on other blogs so I decided to document my latest beauty catches for you!

Planet Parfum is among my favorite beauty shops. There is one closeby me in Hasselt, so I like to pay a visit now and then. The store is always so tidy as you can see on the photos, and they have my favorite brands. I also absolutely love the girls that work there, they are so kind. For example, they give you a make-over with the products that you like. And that comes in so handy when you don't know how to use a certain product. (Cough, Anastasia contour palette, cough.) So you learn how to use it, or you can see if certain colors work on you or not. 

Let's start with the haul part! Be warned, I got a lot of products, so this is going to be a long post. (That might want to make you run to your nearest Planet Parfum.)
Keep in mind that this is not a review (no swatches, no experiences), just a haul. But there will be reviews of some of the products up later in separate blogposts. 

The first products I want to show you are from Sampar. There are some brands that are only exclusively available at Planet Parfum like: OPI, Sally Hansen, Guess, Dessange Paris and a lot of others. Sampar is also one of them. 

Sampar is a French skincare brand. The first product in the pink bottle is a cleansing mousse. It's a very light mousse, actually more of a foam. And it smells really good. It's a cleanser and make-up remover in one, and you can even use it gently around your eyes. Perfect for a quick evening routine.

The second product looks very pretty in the pink and silver bottle. It's a moisturizer that should reveal a healthy glow and prolongs the tan. The scent of this product is so lovely. It smears out well, and my first impression is really good!

The last product is a tiny little roller, an anti-blemishes pen. The scent is a bit overwhelming. Do you know little grocery shops? Well it smells exactly like that, very herb like. So different from the other two products, but I can only assume that's because it has completely different ingredients. It also smells quite strong because it has 70% alcohol in it. 

What did you expect? Of course I couldn't walk past the lipsticks. I've been wanting to buy the YSL Rouge Volupté for a very long time now, but I never got to it. Now I finally own two of these beauties in two gorgeous colors. The lady in store told me that those two combined would also give a great color and it does. I can't wait to show you the swatches, so keep an eye on the blog because a full article on these two will be up in a few days!

OPI is another Planet Parfum exclusive, and for my first OPI polish ever I went for the 'Start To Finish'. It's a base coat, top coat and strengthener in one. My mom and I already tested this one thoroughly and we love it. It gives more body to the nail and a lovely shine. We'll definitely use this one a lot!

How cute is that little puppet? 
Noa, my little godchild was with me when I was doing this haul. How could I not get her something? At first we were thinking about a nail polish, but then we saw these little perfumes and we fell in love. Kokeshi is the name of the brand and these are little miniatures of their perfumes. Noa went for 'Cheery', a scent that is girly/feminine and very sweet. It fits her perfectly. And she already wants to collect them all! (I guess she resembles her auntie.)

I haven't really used a foundation for a long time. I tried out many, but none really got stuck in my routine. I mostly use my La Mer tinted moisturizer or powders. But I heard so many great things about the Estée Lauder Double Wear that I just had to try it out myself. And I wanted to try a new full coverage foundation. The only thing that bothers me is that it has an open bottle. Not hygienic or handy, so I have to go look for a pump that fits. But looking forward to trying it out!

I got addicted to the Guerlain Météorites line. The packaging, the scent, I just need to collect them all! The compact version of the pearls was up next on my Guerlain wishlist, so I got it! It has such a pretty box again, fully silver with the same print as the pearl boxes have. The powder itself is also beautifully arranged. 
You can definitely expect a blogpost about this beauty!

If I have the chance to buy some exclusive products, I do. Close is another one of the exclusive brands and it's not an expensive one. I got two brushes, a brush cleanser and some sponges. 

The powder brush is simply great. It's supersoft, and it's perfect for setting powder (like the Guerlain Météorites). The mask brush is very rough, but I thought it would be easier to paint on a mask instead of using my hands. This one I have yet to try. I also got some facial cleansing sponges because they also seemed handy to use. But next to the powder brush my favorite Close product is the brush cleanser. I was looking for one, and when I saw this one (and for that small price) I had to take it home with me. I now use it after I used a dark color and I want to switch to a lighter one. 

Not only Noa was with me, but my mom too. And she has been searching for the perfect blue eyeshadow combo for a long, long time. Her favorite palette got discontinued (ah, don't you hate that?), so the search begun and went on and on and on. Just till a few days ago when she saw this Chanel duo. She swatched and loved it, so the Chanel palette also went into the shopping bag.
A seperate blogpost with swatches is also coming up!

Look at that mountain of samples! I got a mini mascara, cream- and a lot of perfume samples. I love discovering new products this way and I know a lot of you guys are crazy about samples too. I even got a 50ml Boss - Ma Vie body lotion! You can't call that a sample, that's just a free full size body lotion! And it smells sooo good, you should definitely go give this a whiff! I also got a little Signorina set of Salvatore Ferragamo with a 30ml body lotion, a 30ml bath and shower gel and a 40ml body mist. Again, are these samples? Well very, very big samples then! 
I was truly happy with the Boss body lotion, I have used it a lot since I got it and I might even repurchase it when it's empty.

Chanel - Ombres Contraste Duo in 30 Bleu-Tendre (€37,90)

Planet Parfum Exclusives:

Whew, that was quite the list!
Now you got a peek into my shopping bag, and the things I purchased at Planet Parfum. I loved making this post and I hope you liked it as well.

Now I would really want to know if you want to see more of these hauls, did you enjoy it?
What's your favorite of this haul? And what's next on your own wish list?

Love, Rani


  1. Wauw, wat een haul (ik vind zo'n posts altijd heel leuk om te lezen!). Olala, dat zijn inderdaad nog eens veel samples, ik ga eigenlijk bijna nooit naar PP omdat er een Ici Paris in mijn eigen stad zit en voor Planet Parfum moet ik altijd naar Gent. Je hebt echt prachtige producten gekocht, ik ben benieuwd naar je reviews!

  2. You should definitely do more hauls! It's really fun to see what you bought. And the YSL lipsticks are my favorite of this haul. Everything is just beautiful about them! The color and the packaging, it's so pretty!

  3. Wow what a beautiful haul! I always love to see what people bought! I saw on the pictures "Anasatisa Beverly Hills" that's something that is on my wishlist, their lipsticks! I see swatches all the time on Instagram, it's so beautiful!

  4. Wow die lippenstiften van YSL zijn echt prachtig. Ik ben benieuwd naar de reviews hiervan.

    x Karen

  5. Aah ik word hier zo hebberig van hihi. Die YSL lippenstiften zijn echt té mooi!

  6. That is a great haul! !! Love that eyeshadow and the ysl lipsticks . Wonderful post Rani!!

  7. I love hauls! You got so many lovely things! The lipstick, the guerlain, the brushes, .. X Mirthe

  8. Oké, ik ben verliefd op deze post. Zelf kende ik Planet Parfum nog niet zo goed, maar wat een mooie winkel! En zo'n fijne dingen heb je geshopt! Echt een toffe post, ik wil er zo echt meer zien! En blijkbaar ben ik niet de enige! ;-)
    We want more!

    Eline x

  9. Een tip voor de Estée Lauder Double Wear (mijn absolute nummer een foundation!): bij MAC kan je een pompje kopen voor 5 euro en die past op dit flesje. Werkt veel handiger dan de foundation eruit proberen gieten. En begin altijd met weinig product. Double Wear is geweldig in dekking en houdbaarheid, maar het is beter om met een beetje te beginnen, want eigenlijk heb je daar niet veel van nodig voor het beste en mooiste effect.

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