October 1, 2015

Dior Addict: The New Lipstick

Dior, well Peter Philips actually, has renewed the Dior Addict lipsticks! They got a new packaging, and a total of 35 new colors. I'm going to show you the 4 it-tints today, and two of the new nail polishes!

Jennifer Lawrence is the face of this campaign, and doesn't she look stunning in it? She just perfectly fits the classy yet playful new Dior Addict collection. The line of this collection is: "Shine, don't be shy.". And she just looks so confident (and pretty!) in the video and campaign shots, without taking herself too serious.

The packaging changed. The silver bullet of the lipsticks looks the same, but the outer clear part is different. The silver part is gone for example (you can compare it here) and it closes with magnets now! 

The formula is extra glossy, for a mirror-like shine. The 'CD' in the middle is not only a pretty extra, it's actually a nourishing topcoat with gel-effect. This way the color gets extra shine and volume.
(And that's not even exaggerated, you can see the sparkle and shine on the swatches.)

There are three color facets:

Subtle colors for a elegant and timeless look: beige, pink and light corals.

Bold and vibrant color like orange or purple.

Sparkling hues with a pearlescent shine and glitter to catch and reflect the light.

There are 4 it-tints and I swatched them all for you. 

The first and my absolute favorite of these 4 is 'Be Dior'.
Be Dior is an intense raspberry red with a pearlescent shine. It's one of the favorite pink tones of the house Dior (and mine too).

The second one is 'Wonderful', a candy-like pink with a hint of silver pearly pigments. The color looks very fresh.

'Tribale' is a coral with a subtle blue shine. Remember the tribale earrings? Both are a must-have for women who like an elegant and avant garde style.

The last one is 'Smile'. This one is a classic rosewood for a very natural effect.

If you zoom in on the swatches you can see the glam in the lipsticks. They all have a different intensity of glitter and shine. They all look stunning, but Be Dior stole my heart. This is also the shade Jennifer wears in the campaign.

The four it-lipsticks all have their own nail polish. I got Wonderful and Be Dior. And just like the lipstick, I love the Be Dior color. When they painted my nails at the event I knew that I just had to have this color. It's so pretty, a color that you can wear all year round. 

Wonderful has just like some of the lipsticks a pearlescent shine. It's the third Dior red I own, and they all look different. 

Dior nail polishes are still among my favorites because they paint on so easy, and I love the big brushes.

Dior - Addict The New Lipstick in Be Dior, Smile, Wonderful and Tribale (€38)
Dior - Vernis in Be Dior and Wonderful (€27)

A very pretty line again. I'm in love with the color Be Dior, it really is my favorite pink of the past months. They also have such a pretty shine (enlarge those swatches!) and when you can't compare a lipstick to another, than it's a good one! These finishes are unique and I'm fan. Other colors that I tried and really liked (and who are now on the wishlist) are 'Gotha', a darker red and Fashion Night, a dark purple.

What do you think about these swatches, the campaign and the new packaging?

Love, Rani


  1. Both the Be Dior lipstick and nail polish are really beautiful! And Tribale also looks pretty!

  2. Wauw ze zien er echt prachtig uit! Ik ben vooral verliefd op het tasje! :D Ik ben nogal een packaging-fanaat :D
    Ik ga sowieso een lipstick uit deze collectie proberen! Dankje voor je review!


  3. Such gorgeous photos as always Rani!!! Love the colors of the lipsticks!

  4. Mama heeft mij net ook de "Be Dior" meegebracht, de kleur ziet er allensinds erg mooi uit.

    x Karen

  5. De nieuwe lipsticks zien er super uit! Zeer benieuwd!

  6. Gorgeous colors and the packaging looks cute!



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