September 21, 2015

Pukkelpop '15

Fall is officially here and yes, I'm excited for my favorite time of the year! But I do have an amazing summer holiday to look back on, and Pukkelpop was one of the highlights. 

The plan was to shoot some photos myself, but I didn't got the wristband I expected to get, so that plan kinda fell apart. But I immediately thought about a very talented photographer Joeri, who (luckily!) happened to have some amazing photos. So now I do have an impression for you about that party called 'Pukkelpop '15'! 
(Everything with the Headshot watermark is his of course.)

But I also got a little phone material: some snaps and a lot of you have followed me throughout the days on snapchat.

Normally a festival goes like this: we put up our tent and stay 3 days at the camping with friends. Not this year. I had a lot of work, so I couldn't stay at the camping, I had to go home and get some things done in the morning. Brecht and I left around noon to the festival, or whenever the first band played that we wanted to see. 

The first day we hung out at the shelter a lot, that's the tent with the well, 'harder music'. The best show of the day was definitely by Architects, one of my favorite bands when I was younger and I still really like them. They were the first show I ever attended, about 8 years ago. It was so great to see them again after all these years!
(Impression? Here.

The second day we went to a lot of shows at the main stage. My taste in music really differs a lot, from bands like Architects to a bearded guy like Passenger. I really enjoyed his performance, I was so looking forward to it. He's one of those guys that have struggled years before they got famous. He's one little inspiring guy to me. (Impression? Here and here.)

Next on was Ellie Goulding, we just happened to be there actually. She's good, but she's not really our cup of tea. (The first photo is taken at her performance, so she ìs a lot of people's cup of tea!)

One of my faaaaavorite bands played after Ellie: Bastille! Oh that was thé highlight of Pukkelpop, even one of the holidays, or do I need to say year? No but really, this was amazing. I'm one of those girls that literally knows every single word to their songs - and I had the best time. Thinking about it even makes me smile again.
(Impression? Here, here and here.)

I will also show you the simple black and white outfit I wore in an outfit post very soon! My Sperrys were also thé perfect shoes: comfortable and just so pretty.

I had some great days at the festival and all I can say is: see you next year Pukkelpop!

What are your favorite bands?
And if you're from Belgium: did you went to the festival? 

Love, Rani


  1. I really like the pictures! Pukkelpop was so much fun, I can't wait until next year!

  2. Ik kon dit jaar niet gaan door het werk, maar het zag er wel zo leuk uit. Volgend jaar ga ik sowieso! :-)

  3. Ik ben geweest en kan nu in vrede sterven nadat ik Linkin Park heb gezien!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  4. That looks like so much fun Rani!! Love your outfit!!!!


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