September 19, 2015

Urban Decay - The Essentials

Urban Decay is finally available in Belgium! 
Since the launch in the Netherlands I had been waiting and waiting, and now it's finally here! A store-in-store in Ici Paris XL Brussels. I have checked it out, and it's a piece of heaven in Brussels.
I also picked up some essentials of the brand, which I'm showing you today.

The Urban Decay corner in Ici Paris XL is really big. I actually didn't expect that they would be carrying the full line. (At least I think they are, I didn't miss anything.) I would have loved to just shop there unlimited: a naked foundation, the glitter liners, the matte lipsticks, electric and vice palette, some moondust eyeshadows, the naked palettes of course and ooh, the highlighter! 

But to get to know a brand, you have to start with the basics. There was one thing I really, really wanted: the (hyped) setting spray. I got that one and I also took the Perversion mascara and the eyeshadow primer home!

I was happy with my current primer: the YSL Couture Eye Primer. But Urban Decay is famous because of their eyeshadows, so they have to have some good primers, right? I took the Eyeshadow Primer Potion in 'Original' home, but there are some other versions with different tones. This one is as you can see just a neutral beige. A color that will suit a lot of people. 

The packaging is really cute too. You will see that all of these products have the characterictic UD color in them: purple. The primer also has the cutest diamond cap.

When you massage the primer in, it becomes a bit powdery and very soft. It also has a color neutralizing effect. This primer is affordable and has a good amount of product, but most of all: it's a good one! My eye make-up stays perfect, it doesn't crease or looses color. This is definitely a keeper.

Second: the Perversion mascara.
This mascara is their most popular one, and it promises "bigger, blacker and badder" lashes. It's a lengthening and volumizing mascara with synthetic fiber bristles. The formula is great. I personally do not like wet mascaras and this one is the perfect in-between: not too dry, not too wet. On the swatches I only used two layers, but you can literally cake this mascara on, because of the texture it won't get clumpy. I'm a bit sad that I didn't went all the way on the photos, but it can be even more lengthening and volumizing after a few more layers. 

This one can be compared to one of my favorite mascaras Le Volume by Chanel. I know that Le Volume is a mascara that you either love or hate, so I think you should try the Perversion mascara first before you buy it. 

On to my favorite setting spray ever: the All Nighter. (Oops, spoiler alert.)
I have tried a few setting sprays, but they didn't really do much. I also have the MAC fix+, but that's not even a setting spray. (Don't get me started on that one.) So I was setting spray-less. I had heard so many good things about this spray, that I put this one on top of my wishlist (next to the Naked Smoky palette). 

When I first got it, I wasn't too impressed by the spraying system. I had one like that, and it didn't gave a mist but bigger drops. But the Urban Decay All Nighter gives a very, very fine mist. It's so fine, that you can spray twice. It also feels natural, smells neutral and holds your make-up perfect for an entire day (or night). It is exactly as good as I had hoped for!

Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original (€19,60)
Urban Decay - Perversion Mascara (€24,70)
Urban Decay - All Nighter Setting Spray (€25,80)

Urban Decay definitely did not disappoint me. On the contrary, my wishlist only got a lot bigger! 

These three products are UD essentials and they also are in the top 5 best sold products. The primer on place 2, setting spray on 3 and the Perversion mascara on 5. What's on 1? The Naked line of course! And I need to show you a lot of these, because I just stocked up on this line. Stay tuned for some gorgeous swatchies! 

Have you ever tried Urban Decay?
And if you're living in Belgium: did you already went to the store?

Love, Rani


  1. The effect is really beautiful! And I love how theproducts look!

  2. Ik ken het merk helemaal niet..maar het zijn echt prachtige producten om te zien!

  3. mooie foto's! en de primer blijft een van mijn favorieten.

  4. Ik ben ook helemaal fan van de producten!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  5. Yay!! Urban decay is amazing!! I love their products!! Gorgeous photos!! I have the he lipglosses and love them

  6. De primer ga ik toch eens proberen want ik ben niet zo tevreden van mijn huidige primer!

  7. Wat een leuke essentials! Ik ben wel nieuwsgierig naar de review over de naked paletten. Zelf vind ik ze heel mooi, maar kan je dan ook een look maken?


  8. Urban Decay blijft een van mijn favo cosmeticamerken. De primer potion had mijn hart gestolen maar ik grijp nu steeds vaker naar mijn NYX jumbo pencil als basis..


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