September 23, 2015

Gerard Cosmetics - Hydra Matte

Liquid lipsticks are hot at the moment. Almost every brand has liquids now: from Essence to ABH, to The Balm (review coming up soon) to... Gerard Cosmetics!

Gerard Cosmetics is a pretty new brand. And it's a brand often used by beauty gurus on YouTube, so that made me really curious. I got a bunch of products to review for you guys: lipsticks, brow kits, highlighters and lip glosses, a lot. But today we're starting with the liquid lipsticks, called Hydra Matte.

The packaging of these lipsticks are my favorite of all Gerard's packagings. The matte plastic holder in combination with the gold and simple logo = a big yes for me. 
It has a soft, doe foot applicator which applies well. I didn't have any difficulty with the edges on my lips and it takes up the right amount of product. 

There are three colors of Hydra Mattes: Serenity, Aphrodite and Mercury Rising.

Serenity is the color Mannymua created, and it's my favorite color of these three. It's a 'my lips but better' soft pink shade. And it literally is my lip color, but a bit more pink and so much more evened out. Aphrodite is a beige nude and Mercury Rising is a very bright orange/red.

About the formula: These are definitely lipsticks. Some liquid lipsticks are more of a very pigmented gloss, but these are crazy pigmented in just one swipe. They dry quick and unlike some other liquids, you can put on a second layer if you want to. It's not necessary for Mercury Rising, that one covers in one layer, but Serenity might need a second layer. They also dry completely matte, without cracking or feeling dry. (Aphrodite looked a bit more dry than the others on me.)
Oh, and they smell sooo good! 

By the way: the lipswatches on the website are very accurate, and they have them for lipsticks, lip glosses and the hydra mattes. Very handy, that's where I based my decisions on.
(Serenity above is taken with flash, it's evener in real life.)

Gerard Cosmetics - Hydra Matte in Serenity, Aphrodite and Mercury Rising ($20 = ± €18)
DISCOUNT CODE: use GC30 for 30% off at Gerard Cosmetics (not an affiliate code)

I am very happy with the Hydra Mattes. If you are into liquid lipsticks, I would definitely recommend Serenity and Mercury Rising. Aphrodite is also beautiful, but it's a shade that doesn't fit everyone - so if you want a nude and don't know if you should go for Serenity or Aphrodite, I would say Serenity. It also is my favorite, and it's a gorgeous lively pink nude and it fits every skin tone.

Have you ever tried anything from Gerard Cosmetics?

Love, Rani


  1. The Serenity and the Mercury Rising are both really beautiful! I'm really surprised!

  2. Gorgeous pictures, and beautifully pigmented shades! I looove Serenity! X

  3. Wat een prachtige kleuren, mooie verpakking ook!

  4. Wow Mercury rising is echt een mooie kleur!


  5. such pretty shades! mercury is really popping!

  6. Mercury rising is so pretty !! Excellent review rani! I have been wanting to get some of their lipsticks and I may have to!


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